Sunday, 25 July 2010

Grumpy scribbles

OK, I'm warning you now, I'm in a foul mood so continue reading at your peril. At this stage I have no idea if writing is going to create a positive or negative aura around me. You have been warned!

The cause of said grump is just being plain tired. I was up all night with a poorly child who now is right as rain and full of beans, while poor old Mumma is moping and suffering with a black cloud hovvering menacingly overhead threatening further storms. The thunderous weather system is growling and sparking - I'd stay well away if I was you!

I tried escaping to the countryside but it was too hot and muggy. I tried art but didn't come up with much. I went to the supermarket (necessity rather than choice I must stress), but that just raised the temperature even more. Shall I have a glass of wine? I may just knock the day on the head and begin again in the morning.

Anyway, enough of this grump. I thought I might as well post to Sunday Sketches the results of my little doodles and my regular foray into The Drawing Lab. Today I scribbled, then tried to make sense of the tangle. I thoughtfully saved my pre-sense-making, thinking that maybe it would be cool for you to print out and let your imaginations loose on my chaos - there's even a couple of bonus ones! I'd love to see how others interpret. Frankly I'm surprised mine didn't end up as dark as my mood, so perhaps a spot of art was soothing after all. Go on, have a go and post a link to your pieces so I can have a lookie-see!


  1. what you did with your doodles is quite fun. Lack of sleep sure can play havoc with us! I am freshly back from Italy and jet lag has visited and messed with day after day for too long. My heart goes out to you. Luckily your little one is fine now.

  2. It's good to be grumpy sometimes...changes things up a bit....!
    Hope you are better now...and yes, it's too darn hot to do anything!

  3. Grumpy is fine sometimes. You'll work your way out! : )
    I do love all your doodles!!

  4. sorry for your frumpiness. It will pass. Hee. BIG HUGS!

    Love your doodles. Really do. That snail would be cute in a little handmade card and I chuckled at the dude. Totally cartoon character-like.

    Happy Sunday! :)

  5. I love what you did with your scribbles, they're so fun!! I hope you get some rest and have a better day tomorrow! :) ~Lauren

  6. I don't know about the scribbles/doodles but the man doesn't look grumpy to me -- he seem kind of amuse by the snail

  7. Scribbles are very therapeutic sometimes. The next-to-last one looks like a woman seated to me.

    It's been a rather bothersome (and boring) day over here. Plus, my computer just froze up as I was leaving this comment, but I'm back to try again! I think I will do some scribbles...

  8. How fun are these. I love the whole idea of taking doodles and turning them into something specific! Hope you are feeling more chipper today!


  9. There's nothing like a good grump occasionally. I hope your scribbles made you smile - they did me.

  10. hey woman, hope your mood cheers up; i'm in a dreadful one myself- induced by a poinon-tongues, unappreciative, selfish 20year old daughter. Anyway..... your self-portrait is really lovely; I've always wanted to have pin straight hair I could wear in a bob cut. enjoy it.

  11. what a great idea to get the creative juices flowing! I'll have to try this and will leave a comment when I have something to show. Your doodles are great!

  12. Awwww,mommyhood has taken its toll on you. I know what you mean,you're up with them all night and they bounce back and expect us to be the same. Just get some rest and keep doodling. I hope you feel better. I love your doodles.

  13. yes, I get hit by the grumps and exhaustion fairly frequently probably too and don't like what it does to me. You doodles should cheer you up though, they are fab!! In fact you are one person who always seems ready for a good laugh :)

    Hope you're feeling better today, and thank you for the lovely comment on my blog . . . .


  14. Hi, I am back from the mountains. Your grumpy sketches turned out quite fun. I would love to have a go at them, but I might not have time for a few days.


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