Saturday, 10 July 2010

Paisley ponderings

Get ready for a rambling post. My excuse is that I am ill. I have the rather thrillingly-named Labyrinthitis. You might be forgiven for thinking that I am wandering in a maze of confusion or perhaps under the delusion that I am in a fantasy-film pursued by a Bowie baddie. In fact, it is just an inner ear infection that manifests itself in doses of dizzy and whorls of woozy.

And now the reason for the title. Paisley being the theme for the creative challenge at Inspiration Avenue this week, and Paisley being in the picture above. Since I read the prompt earlier this week I seem to be spotting paisley's swirls in places I had never noticed. For one who is supposed to be creative and observant, I only just realised that the pattern appears on one of my favourite summer skirts (a really long hippy affair). It also popped up on the packet of last night's dinner accompaniment.

I was inspired this week by the work of artist Nikki Farquharson (examples below):

Cool eh? I discovered I didn't quite have the patience for this level of detail and wasn't entirely happy with my final output, but I'll try some more I think. My original looked like this, then I played in photoshop for the final version up top when I decided that perhaps the tissue paper ruffle to the skirt didn't have the quite the desired effect. Think I'll borrow my son's felt tip pens , rustle up a dose of patience and have another go...


  1. Nice job with the swirly whirly paisley!! Sorry your not feeling well! These others are really cool as well. Very inspiring details. Get well soon!!

  2. Beautiful collage! I had labrythitis myself a few weeks ago.

    I hope your world settles. xx

  3. Gorgeous the colorful energy to it all..beautifully creative. And yes she is fabulous too.
    Hope you feel all shiny and sparkly real soon!

  4. She's beautiful. Hope you feel better soon.

  5. Love the subject, paisley takes me back to my teen years and I love your girl she is very pretty.

  6. Isn't paisley fun? I love all your examples and especially your piece for the challenge! Great job!

    Hope you are feeling better soon...

    (Thanks bunches for putting my badge in your sidebar!! :D)

  7. I love what you can do with an image :)
    She is mermaid-ish that a style???
    Feel better soon!

  8. very cool love it!!!
    Love your work

  9. Hope you are feeling better soon. I love the picture at the top of the post, she reminds me of a boho mermaid.

  10. I think your collage is lovely. I do love paisley's, bought a Dover coloring book recently so I could learn to draw them but alas I have not opened the book yet, maybe soon. I hope you feel better soon.

  11. super cool! it's got kind of a mermaid appeal too...I think you on on to something...

    Get some rest friend

  12. Wowza paisley girl ! I love this doodled style softened and artied-up.
    I hope the whoozies and dizzies fade quickly - your illness has a pretty cool name though. ;) Sending healing hugs !

  13. Yes! Paisleys are popping up all over. Love all the invigorating swirls on this. Makes you wonder what she's pondering.

  14. Ooh I love it Lisa!!

    Thanks for sharing Nikki's work too, very cool. I can see how you've been inspired but your submission is still very "you"!

    Hope you feel better soon, labyrinthitis is rubbish - would be much more fun if it involved David Bowie films!

  15. I LOVE THIS SUBMISSION! I do hope you feel better soon, but I am thinking maybe I need to get a little woosey. This is fabulous.I sure don't wish for your ear infection but maybe I'll have a drink or two before the next challenge ;)

  16. Wow this is gorgeous. I am in awe of people who know how to play around in Photoshop and make their art "POP". You did a fabulous job!

  17. wow!! what a wowzers entry! love the subtle magic you created with photoshop ... get better soon hon :)


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