Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Watching paint dry

I'm working on a new piece and while I was waiting for the layer of paint to dry I thought I'd blog hop. Of course, I could have cleaned the bathroom or made sandwiches for the morning, but where's the creative inspiration in that might I ask!

First hop had me hooked. Lori at Ravenpainting (if you've never been to her virtual gallery, it is seriously worth a look). As I balanced on one leg I was transfixed by a most angelic scene. She took part in the Digital Whisper challenge to take an already beautiful angel picture and go create some more...

So I hopped on the other leg over to Digital Whisper and gathered the angel into my arms. A little play in Photoshop and here she is looking like she has been through a bit of a Renaissance (she was rather Pre-Raphaelite when I started). Bet you didn't know that Michaelangelo was hiding in Photoshop did you? I pressed the Help key and suddenly there he was, paint splatters all over his robes and a very old looking bottle of wine in his hand. We shared a glass then set to work...

Got to dash, my paint's still not dry so there's still time for another blog hop - especially as this leg is getting tired now...


  1. This is sublime Lisa- truly beautiful ageing and play with the light- it does have that Renaissance patina now! Thanks so much for the lovely compliment and link to my blog! And I'm glad you found this new challenge site. Normally each week there are usually 5 images from which you choose at least 3-4 of them to create your piece. This week there was only one image- but hey she says it all. Again, thank you and your piece is stunning!

  2. LOL! I didn't think people took the blog "HOPPING" so literally! Hee-hee. I am so glad you are finding some wonderful art to inspire you. I will once again check out her site. I LOVE that we can just click on these blogs any old time we want and get inspired again and again and again... Hugs to you.

  3. Love the sacredness and peaceful look of your angel. And you continue to amaze us of all your challenges. Well Done! ;)

  4. I love the textured look she has now.

  5. Here work is incredible, thank you for the link!!

    Now this angel is stunning!

  6. Beautiful,and its so much fun to blog hop. I would have done the same thing that you did why waiting for my paint to dry. A much better choice then laundry and sandwiches!


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