Monday, 24 January 2011

Goddesses and friends

I was feeling out of sorts at the weekend. A virus was trying to infiltrate my defences and they took quite a battering. I found it incredibly interesting though that I still just couldn't stop learning. Once my son had gone to bed and I could have just flopped and watched TV, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Instead, I stationed myself in front of YouTube and watched art technique clips then ran (OK, crawled) back to my work table and got sticky!

The new course began at Willowing last week. I was too busy to do anything but watch the videos until Friday but then grabbed my canvas and got stuck in - work-in-progress result above. Still much to be done with shading and correcting composition before she is finished, but thought I would share where we are.

Of course, you know I love a great online course but I'm still waiting for the perfect one to come along to attend in person. I see so many wonderful examples advertised but they usually come in US form with the cost bumped upby the price of flights across the Atlantic and hotel accommodation. While I might just about justify the expense of the learning experience, it does seem a little extravagent to cross continents just to take an art class! Most recently, I've been dreaming over Cheryl Dolby's (The Healing Woman) Sculpture school. Not only do you get to immerse yourself in clay creativity for a week, but you stay in Cheryl's new guest suites too...Oh and Cheryl is your teacher, she has her own chef, a swimming pool AND takes you sightseeing...  Ahhh, maybe next year!

Cheryl is a wonderful example of one of the many friends I have made through blogging. Collaborating with her on her Egyptian Goddess project was one of the highlights of last year. I can't tell you how happy it makes me to be a part of this wonderful online community of creatives who all inspire and encourage each other to live out our dreams. Thank you all!


  1. Ohhhh she is LOVELY, love the movement in the dress and the colours you have chosen, gorgeous piece, hope you are feeling better! :0)

  2. Hi Lisa..I absolutely love this piece..she is sparkling with spirit and beautiful energy!! Lovely!!
    Hope you feel well soon!
    Yes i love love Cheryl ..she is such a powerful spirit and beautiful artist in so mnay ways! I loved your collaboration together!
    keep sparkling!!

  3. Lisa she looks great! So dreamy! I love the colors you chose. I love the movement in her hair, just everything about her is lovely!

    Hope you feel better! I spent the past 3 weeks with a bug that just wouldn't quit. Looks like it hasn't stopped your creativity! :)

  4. She already looks beautiful, its as if she coming to meet someone who she is in awe of, great expression and full of mood. So love it. I adore online courses, have learn't so much already and loads more to learn which is exciting. Take care and hope you feel better soon. Annette x

  5. What a delight to see the WIP of your goddess work! Love the see finished artwork.

    Good on you to keep learning and with such great attitude and energy, I'm sure you'll be flying to US or other countries very soon for an in-person art class.

    P.S. See that I use "countries" and not "country" ... I can see that you're flying all over the world. ;)

  6. dreamy colors and pose.......nice one!

  7. oh I love this piece Lisa!!! the colours look great!!! Hope you are feeling better!!!!

  8. She is lovely so far.. GLad you are enjoying your class...

  9. Good to hear you're back on track. :) I love art classes too but I'm on a budget and I don't attend as many as I would like. Your WIP looks great!

  10. Thanks so much Lisa for your generous posting of my sculpture class. Perhaps one of these years I will see your smiling face here at Woodloft.

    Your Goddess is beautiful. I love the purple tones. She is full of merriment and movement!


  11. Thanks for popping by. Love your painting..she looks like she's wishing for her hearts desire..

  12. A vision in shades of pink and gray- she is humble and lovely!

  13. ~good morning my dear sweet friend...i don't know what kind of icky bugs are lingering in the air as of late but they haev been here as well...sending you healing wishes and blessings to you and fun!

    your goddess is just gorgeous...i really want to get back and finish the first class...the purple swriling about is majestic and just beautiful...

    i am so happy you will be playing along with pay it forward...thought it sounded like a fun little adventure...i am here...don't know if blogger is delaying your post or not...will keep checking back to see if one comes well my friend and much love light and blessing upon you always~

  14. Oh Lisa, it's so exciting to see where your art journey is taking you. And yes, Cheryl's class sounds like a fairytale!

  15. Lisa this is sooooo beautiful!! I'm so glad I did not miss it. I have been a bit busy the past two days so headed over to see what I've missed here and really glad I did. She is just gorgeous!!!
    Wishing you well and thoroughly enjoying your artistic journey!!!



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