Saturday, 15 January 2011


What inspires me? What a question! What doesn't? A crack in the pavement, a crinkled leaf, a comment from my son.

For the purposes of this post though, we'll concentrate on just a couple. I'm writing and creating, appropriately for 'Inspiration Avenue' who wish to know what kick starts the Muse.

This week, my Muse has been pulled into action on the work front. She's been writing scripts, newspaper articles, devising adverts and all manner of fun activities. We've been a touch tired by evening to involve ourselves in too much creativity so instead, we stuck our nose in a book. We are learning Accessible Abstracts with Laura Reiter.

And... we are inspired! Which moves me nicely onto talking about magazines. I have a monumental pile of glossies taking over the gap between the sofa and the wall. In fact, I confess that there are actually two piles these days... and sometimes, when they topple, an amalgamate mess of paper! Most of them have bits of cut up paper sticking and falling out, for I confess that I am cruel to these publications. I rip them, I cut and glue them... but it's all in the aid of art and posterity. My models reside here patiently waiting for their turn to be immortalised on paper and canvas and splashes of colour and texture become collage, background and 'interesting bits' in my paintings.

So, if you looked at the picture above you're starting to see where my inspiration went this week. Abstract... magazines... and finally....Photoshop! How I love that software. So much fun to be had just playing and tweaking and experimenting. This one only had a tiny treatment - a little poster edge feature to give some emphasis.

Right, I must be off, for the parents will visit shortly and the house is covered in bits of cut up paper...


  1. Oh yes, I have piles of mags. I especially like the Cornwall glossies that my friend who has holiday cottages saves me. They are full of vibrant beautiful photos that are great for collaging and creative exercises. (I will prob mention this on my what inspires me post later today).

    And I'm still hankering after getting photoshop. But also need a new computer to run it. My money making plans need to become more lucrative and quick! LOL!

    Gorgeous art as always.
    Kat X

  2. Yes, love the colors of this here, i love cutting magazines, too
    Looks like you had a fun week!
    I must get photoshop...I am so bad with technology, though! he he he! enjoy the weekend. xxoo

  3. I love this piece... fabulous.


  4. Love this little collage/photo-montage, glad you still have time cor a bit of cutting and sticking in your busy schedule.

  5. Where inspiration comes from is such a hard question to answer, because it usually comes from bits of everything. My inspiration for both life come from the world and life I see around me. You can see this even in my abstract drawing, like my latest drrawig,"A world divided", which has two hands holding a large mosaic world, all down in very weird abstract designs.

  6. I love the serene blues and greens, and the composition looks like perfection! Beautiful!

    Magazines are such fun, I always forget to get them out, but now you've inspired me!

  7. Love this - the textures and colors are heavenly! Great job!


  8. Lovely colors! I would love to learn photo shop better. I love magazines too, but I have tapered back lol..Happy creative weekend.

  9. ah yes!! photoshop :) the miracle tool :) i love mags too, i collect home decor mags esp country living ... love your lil inspiration art esp becos it's in my fav colors ;)

  10. Oh I have a huge pile of mags I can't bear to throw away until all the juicy images have been cut and pasted. Your piece is great!!! I do not have photoshop. I know I'm in the dark ages.
    Love your art and YES magazines are huge inspirations.

  11. I love the serenity of this piece, those greens are so soothing and the little bits of leaves and blooms are perfect here!
    Great job!

  12. I never come here that I don't get inspired. I get inspired from YOUR magazine images, because they are the backbone of my collages, too. I especially love how you treat the images with the small overlapping boxes. Such beauty in this piece. Thanks for inspiring me.

  13. Love your blues and greens. Very serene for a very busy lady!

  14. Very very pretty. After the past year, I agree, you can find inspiration anywhere and everywhere!


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