Thursday, 13 January 2011

Something to do with the cheese

Well, that's it. I can relax for the rest of the year now, my resolution is complete - I am about to be published. Initial print run of 500 with potential readership of 2,000 once we release the international and online versions. Impressed?

Well, it probably sounds better than it is. I have been published like this before. It's a work thing. I've just spent the last week writing and producing the 2nd issue of our corporate newspaper. It has been something of a labour of love, an all-consuming marathon of interviewing, researching, writing, procuring  images, proofreading and liaising with designers. In fact, it says it all that I am writing about it here - there's no time for anything else happening in my life to talk about!

I would share some of the contents with you here, but it's all secret internal stuff and not for consumption by just any old person. My favourite line though I will divulge - must be something to do with the cheese.

I do rather love my job sometimes and putting this baby to bed (that's media speak for giving it the OK to go to the printers) was immensely satisfying. I feel a bit like the Piers Morgan of the corporate tabloid - but hopefully prettier.

Meerkat in a smoking jacket picture highlights another aspect of work today. (Probably best that you don't actually ask!). The plan this evening is to draw the doyen of the Muscovite Meerkats as a journal page entry. Simples ;)

If you're looking at a sketch then time has passed and I have actually succeeded in this task. If not, I am passed out on the sofa softly snoring and dribbling onto a cushion.

I'm rather fond Aleksandr Orlov. If you've missed the chance to get to know the pride of meerkat aristocracy, then you can find some of his finest works on YouTube.

Woo, how spooky is this. While searching for a portrait of the furry one, I found an interview with him and... Piers Morgan?!


  1. Ha ha - are you softly snoring, dribbling on a cushion? Hopefully your first of many things in print :)

  2. oh how exciting!!! I love that you are getting more work published!!! super exciting !!!

    Congrats always have a way with words!!!!

  3. Excellent news on the publishing!! Go girl! BTW I LOVE Aleksandr too...did you know he has a book now? You can get it on Amazon UK!

    enjoy! Ro xx

  4. "but it's all secret internal stuff and not for consumption by just any old person." <-- hahaha you made me chuckle. I know about that phrase from where I work as well. Hee

    Congrats on your secret publication. :)

  5. Congrats on your project!! Hmmm who moved my cheese? LOL you must be snoring and drooling ;o) xo Michele

  6. Congratulations sweetie! Sounds like you have been in a whirlwind. How worth it though in the end. I cannot wait to hear more about it. I hope you are snoozing. Sweet dreams my friend.

  7. Hoo-rah! Wonderful news, Lisa!
    Coincidently, I just came across this quote and wrte it down...mainly because I am not sure exactly what he means, but he is one of the great writers...maybe you can enlighten me.
    "Never commit yourself to achees without having first examined it." ~T.S. Eliot

    I love your are so right about drawing what you see rather than what you imagine things look like...terrific advice!
    PS: LOL...your son! Too clever :)

  8. Wonderful news, what an amazing accomplishment! Is there any way we in the states can get a copy?
    I hope you're getting a well deserved rest, now- dribbling and all!

  9. Congratulations! I'll bet the publication is wonderful. Hopefully we will get to read part of it at some point. I like the reference to "about the cheese." It leaves much to the imagination. Rest, rest.

  10. You are snoring very softly, rest peacefully. Congratulations on completing the paper.

  11. Wow, sounds great... My congrats to you !!!!


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