Friday, 7 January 2011

Not a leprechaun in sight - updated

I'm not entirely sure I've got the energy to post tonight, but I am missing my blog and my visits to friends around the world. It has been quite a week dear friends - one which has been spent writing, writing, interviewing, writing and more of the same. And what's more, getting paid for it. A busy few days on the work front but I do love a bit of pressure and pulling together a 12 page newspaper in a couple of days sure does hit that nail on the head.

Some slight exhaustion of an evening will explain my prolonged absence - though to be fair, a couple of days is hardly lengthy, but what can I say? I like blogging!

I like making art too and so tonight, for the sake of my sanity, I must dip into my creative juice and see what appears. A challenge always helps with a kick start and so I thought I'd tackle "Do you dream in colour" by Inspiration Avenue. Well, here's an interesting question. I do dream that's for sure! In fact, if I could only remember my nightly adventures long enough to write them down I may become a best-selling fantasy novelist (or put in a straight jacket). This week, I know for sure that there's my dreams are no black and white movie for I distinctly recall a scene in which the protagonists were all exclaiming on the coincidence of all being dressed in green - and the same green at that. There was me, a couple of friends and ... a leprechaun. Well I did warn you!

Looks like I do have the energy to post tonight after all... But what about the artwork... Hold on, I'll be right back..

OK, I present a green picture! Amazing what you can do in Photoshop in next to no time. Seven layers and lots of manipulation - starting with a photograph I had taken, mixed with a Kim Klassen free texture and some lovely digital collage material I bought from Etsy.

For those of you who would love to get started in Photoshop Elements, I've just read that Kim Klassen is offering a free mini ecourse for beginners starting Monday. Details here.

And if you want more detail, there's a full course by Kim here.


  1. I so enjoyed reading your blog, and about your dream....are you sure it wasn't the gin couldn't help myself... Great picture, the digital picture is superb. Annette x

  2. beautiful Lisa...glad you had the energy to post this beauty! Shine on!!

  3. Love the image, Lisa. I wish I knew how to use Photoshop. You should do a tutorial for people like me. =0)

    Sounds like you had just a wee bit of pressure this week. A 12 page newspaper. Yikes!
    Kick up your feet, have a drink and relax.

  4. Fantastic image...I was in Ireland last week and this one brings it all back for me. Thanks for the tip too, sounds like fun!

    Jeanne xx

  5. why no leprechaun??? i am wanting to see him!

    HAH!! good for you! real work is good sometimes ... this week i was choreographing and training some ppl to dance too ... real work which pays :)

    that entry looks fabulous as alllllll other stuff you do!! but i still want my leprechaun!

  6. I wish i could remember my dreams long enough too, funny they seem so vivid until i hop out of bed.
    what a an amazing craft to put that together all in photoshop. enjoyed seeing it! you are so talented! xo

  7. Oh I love what you did--I'm green with envy :) Okay, that was pretty bad. Well, it just so happens that I got Photoshop elements 9 for Christmas--so what the heck am I supposed to do with this?! BUT...I did find Kim's free mini course and signed up--do you think it will help this computer handicapped person? I don't know--even the book Photoshop for Dummies has me confused!

  8. You really do have a lot of energy. Your digital turned out spiffy. My dreams are hardly ever that beautiful though.

  9. Lovely green picture. Your dreams sound way more interesting than mine.

  10. Wonderful image! Fabulous bit of Digital art. Kim

  11. You've amazed me again, girlfriend!
    and thanks for the link...

  12. Sometimes doing art rev's up your spirit so you can't go to sleep...
    Your green is fabulous! It is my favorite color of all!!!

  13. I have very vivid dreams that, like you, I'd like to think may help me become a bestselling author but truthfully they lean towards the staight jacket option you mention a little too often. Lol. But they are always interesting :-)

    I like this digital collage - there's definitely a fantasy story to be inspired by its beauty and detail. I wish I had Photoshop and then could go on the course.

    Green was my initial thought too for this challenge but it was a different shade. And in the end I was unable to stick to only one colour.

    Kat :-)

  14. I love the dreamy quality of this- it's like an underwater vision. SO beautiful in rich!

  15. I'm so in awe of your skills as a digital artist. I'm glad you told me about Kim's class. I get some of her digital backgrounds. And I'm green with envy over your lovely creation (grin). Great IA challenge piece.

  16. Looks very, very summer, maybe after a rain, when the greens are so much more green!

  17. This is gorgeous Lisa - very peaceful - probably your subconcious crying out for restfulness after your busy week! I'm scared of Photoshop but looking at lovely work like this may motivate me to overcome that! x

  18. What a wonderful collage and in my favourite colour too ;0)

  19. You are such a creative being :)

    Love your picture. Full of nature and magic!

    I still have lots and lots to learn!

    Blessed be!



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