Thursday, 17 February 2011


'Tis the last rose of summer left blooming alone; All her lovely companions are faded and gone
St Thomas More

I wondered what to write to accompany this piece of digital art I made for Inspiration Avenue. I feel a bit faded myself truth be told. I've dipped again after a more positive weekend and have spent most of the week in a depressed and tired mope. Artist angst perhaps, or maybe I just need a good rest.

All I can think of to write is to share some coincidence. I created this piece then found the quote to match it. My primary school was named after St Thomas More - Henry VIII's chancellor who was executed for his religious beliefs. While I was at the school we performed a play about the last rose of summer. I was a flower. It was a poem which we acted out and recited. My Grandma liked hearing me read it.

What a weird post.... I think I'm losing it...


  1. Woah...Elegant and super-Gorgeous!!! Beautiful work Lisa..and I am a Thomas M kindred..! Shine are not losing are creating new space..i love it..beautiful..keep taking me on your journeys..i love flying alongside your spirited magical world!

  2. Here's another coincidence ~ my school was also called St. Thomas More :) I attended there for 7 lo-o-o-ng years lol...

    Lovely soft faded color; I love how the woman's face blends in. You are not losing it...I think it is the dreariness of February. You will feel much more spirited when spring arrives!

  3. love your piece and your post, and're fine... get some rest...

  4. I think your post is wonderful!!! Love the photo and the coincidence.

  5. Lovely image - very beautiful actually - and nice coincidence. I don't think you're losing it.

  6. Really great go spend a day in bed and don't get out of your pjs:P I did that last weekend..feeling much better

  7. Hugs of comfort sent your way. Sounds like you need to be kind to yourself and pamper yourself a little...maybe a spa day if you can or a long walk followed by a good book and a hot cuppa coffee at your fav. shop? Something just for you to recharge those batteries.

    Know that for us looking in to your world you are just so amazing!

    Smiles and hugs

  8. Lovely image and quote. Hope you are feeling all the positive energy everyone is sending you!

  9. I adore this piece - its very dear to my heart this song as I used to sing it to my mum who died last year - a favourite Irish song - thanks for the memory

  10. I love how you combined the image with the poem. It makes your entry complete.

    And I think your commentary is evidence that you are, indeed, not losing it! Just using it! (Hey! I made a rhyme!)

  11. ~oh my friend...not losing it...there was much beauty written between the lines and this piece you created...a far cry from withering...they are showing such delicate beauty in the paleness of the day...i wish for your heart and spirit to be filled with comfort and energy to pick back up and continuing flourishing in your art and your days...we all have moments when our spirit is down and thankful we can be to have one another to lift eachother and carry eachother back up to the light of the day...much love light and blessings shining brightly upon you and yours~

  12. I liked your words, both the quote and the story behind the quote- it sounds like this week's challenge fit perfectly for you:)
    Perhaps it from waiting for winter to fade into spring?

  13. oh, and I forgot the most important part- your photograph is so beautiful- wistful and lovely at the same time.....

  14. Beautiful photo, Lisa...faded, it's perfect really and matches the meloncholy-ness of your mood and your story.

    PS: I know, my spelling is atrocious.

  15. Love your picture! Isn't it nice that memories never fade? Great post!

  16. Your image is delicate and very lovely Lisa. I also liked your "weird" post! Coincidences are fascinating.

    I hope that you'll be feeling more positive soon. In the meantime rest, play some great music, and pamper yourself :)

  17. Pretty image; soft and gentle.
    Sorry to hear you've been feeling a bit faded. I've been a bit the same the past couple of weeks mainly because of a virus. You've been very busy with work and always do lots of art so I suspect you may be in need of a bit of rest & pampering. Treat yourself & take care. Hope you feel brighter soon.
    Kat X


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