Saturday, 5 February 2011

Sunshine on a cloudy day

I'm cold. The wind is blowing the cat flap open and a cruel draught is chilling me to the bone. It's grey and cloudy and promises rain (how very kind of it).

I set the creative challenge at Inspiration Avenue this week and, as usually happens when I do this, I get stumped for ideas! OK, well actually I did have rather a good one this week, just not the time to execute. However, I could hardly fail to enter something when I'm hosting now, could I? That's what I call an incentive.

So I hopped on a metaphorical plane back to Valencia and grabbed some sunSHINE and took it and this palm tree for a digital play.

Last night I was at an entertainment venue that provided a different kind of sparkle. I went to a bar made of ice. How 'cool' is that? Even the glasses we sipped our cocktails from were ice. The seats, walls, bar - all frozen. The staff kindly provided hooded capes and gloves with thermal lining to keep the chill out of our bones. It was quite an experience - and the cocktails were rather nice too!


  1. :) isn't it difficult to come up with something "shiny" when the opposite is happening around you? but you made it! you did!!

  2. How fun, Lisa. I have seen these ice bars and hotels on tv and read about them in magazines but never have had the opportunity to actually see one in person. Were you able to snap any photos? Sounds like the last thing you needed was to be in a n even colder environment. The cocktails probably warmed you right up.
    Advice: Sip some tea, close the cat flap, grab something to entertain yourself and slip under a warm cozy blanket.
    Sending warm dry wishes your way.
    Your palm tree has a hint of Klimt feeling to it with the rectangles. Love it.

    I have a PIF going on if you want to partake. Pop on over to my blog.

  3. First, I like your entry. Second, that ice bar sounds like quite an experience. I would love to see something like that - and sip those cocktails!

  4. How very James Bondish of you! Reminds me of that movie where they go to stay in a place made completely of ice. How cool and what an experience...

    Wish I was at the foot of this palm tree right now, curled up under it, sipping something fruity, and enjoying some SUN!!! Lots of rain and wind here too!

    Hope to see you tomorrow for SS.


  5. Great night out and you are complaining about the cold.......? lol

  6. Lisa..this has a magnificent presence to it..i love this..a healing camming essence to it as well..and it is simply gorgeous!! i love powerful shimmering greens..

  7. Gee you could have just come to my house if you wanted to be cold and have a drink or two.
    I got plenty of snow and ice.


  8. An ice bar? Too cool (pun intended). Love your palm trees. I guess we all are longing for some tropical weather right now.

  9. Great submission Lisa - I really like the pattern element - a bit Klimt-like, and reminds me of little chinks of sunlight.

    I've think I've read about that bar, I really want to go, it sounds so much fun!

  10. Good to have a palm tree reminder of sunshine when it is so dull outside!

    An ice bar and glasses - how fab! I thought they only did that in places like Norway & further North.

    Thanks for setting this challenge, I've gained a lot from this theme of "Shine".

    Kat :-)

  11. I would LOVE to visit an ice bar! Palm trees are nice too. But I'd rather sit under one in the summer time. That way I don't have to miss any snow, and, if I have to be hot and sweaty, I'd rather be hot and sweaty in a really nice place! 80)

  12. Green is my favorite color. Love to see it shine!!!Must be a natural instinct to gravitate toward green when it's gray...I know I do!!Nice art as always.

  13. I've got to admit, I never would have thought of sunshine as a way to interpret this week's IA challenge. But that makes it so much more fun when you get a lovely surprise and inspiration from these challenges. Great challenge this week, Lisa. You made it easy for me in a week of stress and strife.

  14. a bar made of ice! That is a very cool way to spend an evening (no pun intended I promise!)

  15. Beautiful work of art!
    That Ice Bar sounds just like my igloo, er...I mean house :)


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