Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Sweet surrender

This piece really was total surrender. My head span with music and wine and I just painted with littlecare over end result. I was using an old canvas that I'd ripped some collage off and primed again with gesso. There was all manner of interesting textures left behind by the glues and papers. Layer after layer built her features and brought vibrant life to her surroundings.

What music do you think she is caught up in? Definitely something with fiery passion - I can definitely hear Spanish guitar... maybe some flamenco. The beat is hypnotic, she is at one with the magic it creates. She lives in the song. She surrenders to the rhythm and let's go...

I just love how a creative prompt - in this case Illustration Friday - Surrender - can pull the ideas from you. There's lots wrong with this painting. Her feathered hat looks a trifle odd (I bet you were wondering what on earth had died on top of her  head!). Her necklace doesn't quite sit with the correct angle of her body either - but hey, those rubies look pretty realistic!

Who cares! It was fun. I came. I saw. I surrendered and I'm very glad I did! I love art! Did I mention that before? Yeah, OK, only about a few times...!!

I'll probably keep tweaking. Would appreciate some suggestions on how to get her just right. What do you think?

Mixed media on canvas - primarily acrylics with some collaged sheet music.


  1. Wow Lisa..this is pure poetic bliss...this is one of my FAVES now!! Wow..beautiful!
    I LOVE her energy and inner-radiance!! I also am so in love with my special one i won from you..thankyou!! and she is so so very special to me! You are AWESOME ad i am honored to have your art in my home.
    I love this new piece..she is pure bliss! rock on!!
    Hugs...shine on!

  2. Oh wow such wonderful vibrant colours. Loving the contours of her face, she is beautiful, love it all........did I say that before, well probably as I love your art. x

  3. Oh, I'm with Kiki! This is my fave! Don't change a thing - she is perfect as she is...I love everything about this painting x

  4. Lisa this is gorgeous! I LOVE her necklace and you really can tell that you you had so much fun with this one, the energy and vibrant colours I think she is perfect!!!! :0)

  5. She is absolutely beautiful. What gorgeous color and romantic tone.

  6. Lisa,

    I agree that the feathers don't seem to fit. She has this great dress with the bursting bodice but i don't see the cleavage that should be there. I would add that in. I do like her she just oozes passion.

  7. Lisa, she is beautiful, very seductive. I love the movement in the piece also. I'd leave her as is...to dream that dream of hers!

  8. wow wow WOW!! FABULOUS PAINTING!!!

  9. Absolutely stunning! Where did you learn to paint portraits like that mate? It's really almost sensual... the expression you've captured. I'd consider getting prints and sell them online hun - this is seriously good! =)

  10. It's beautiful! The title is so fitting as well. WOW!!

  11. yes very beautiful, i jst got some canvas photo prints from this website and it may be a nice idea to get some of this.

  12. I think its gorgeous & personally wouldn't change a thing! I love the passionate colours, wonderful background, her facial expression, her clothes, her hair....yeah well everything then. Lol.

    Kat :-)

  13. Red is the dominant color in my color scheme in my home so I love this gal - she just drowns you with her passion. Sounds like you had a wonderful time creating her too!

    Love her!


  14. A very beautiful piece.


  15. I LOVE this ...it is gorgeous...the image...the colors....everything!

  16. I like the way you just let the prompt carry you to inspired creativity! And I love where it takes you too... this is beautiful and full of passion!

  17. She's truly stunning - I wouldn't change a thing. The piece is very lyrical and passionate - there is a sense of movement, as if she is swaying back and forth to the music. Thank you for sharing this. Theresa


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