Friday, 4 February 2011

One foot on the ground

Aren't dreams supposed to make sense of your tangled daytime thoughts. Doesn't the subconscious sift through the superfluous and leave you with a sense of calm. Maybe not. I've had strange ones this week, some easy to interpret while others remain entirely unfathomable and best forgotten.

Mind you, when you think about what's going on in this head of mine you really shouldn't be surprised. It's overload - a maelstrom of ideas, projects and plans with not enough hours in the day to control them. I shouldn't really be writing this, I should be focusing on the most important, but if I don't write I get antsy and anyway, it helps to make sense of things, keep one foot on the ground.

In this case I'm now shouting at myself because once more I procrastinate, I find something 'useful' to do (never housework!). And so, I pause in my ramblings and look up train times and book a taxi (I'm going somewhere very exciting tonight - will share over the weekend).

Next I must order some prints of my artwork in anticipation of a relaunch of my Etsy shop and then later, perhaps add some more thoughts to a little story that is growing in my deeper recesses; a modern take on a classic tale... Then there.... followed by..... after.....


  1. We are quite a bit alike. My head buzzes constantly with ideas, projects, books I want to write, read, classes I give and take. I'm mostly always on overflow and now, add OWOH to this mix. I'm trying to read 100 blog posts a day and respond to them in an intelligent manner. That is the reason I haven't been by lately..I scrolled down and saw that I missed your beautiful "Surrender." Oh well, catch up time will come in March...carry on..and on...and on....

  2. I find my mind does the same thing to me at times and when it happens I manage to get nothing done. I am so busy in my mind on some days all I can do is take a nap to recover.

  3. can't wait to hear about your mysterious date.. and housework is highly overrated... lol!!

  4. Beautiful art! Lovely always..and yay congrats on the upcoming relaunch!! hooray!

  5. I have quite a busy mind at times so I can relate! And sometimes it all distracts me from creating!

    Beautiful art above! Looking forward to the relaunch of your etsy! :)

  6. lol..."never housework" I spent most of the day Tuesday cleaning so I could focus on creating. It's funny how our dreams are so bizarre sometimes. Usually I can figure out most of them but when they have no rhyme or reason it makes you wonder. I love that you are having prints made of your art. You are so talented, my dear. I'm sure they'll be a hit.
    Have a lovely day,

  7. Why waste a day doing house work - is my motto -
    when we need to be creating.


  8. Because of my lack of houscleaning duties my husband has started doing it, not bad after all these Your project sounds exciting and whatever you are doing over the weekend have fun. Annette x

  9. Love this! This is how my mind works all the time!!! Overload pursuing artistic endeavors, kids kids kids, housework, work, you name it! You sure create beautiful art and prose though so whatever you are doing, it works! Can't wait to hear about your exciting weekend adventure!


  10. Hi there,
    I just came over as I saw your comment over at Sophia's blog. I am going to the ice bar in a week's time so, if you are going before that, let me know how you liked it !! I've heard it's a good can't be too cold as you can eat there !!
    Have fun and hope it's not too cold !! XXXX

  11. housework? what's that? lol art always comes first!! can't wait to hear abt your weekend. have fun!

  12. I think this lady looks like someone I have met or will meet. There's something about the directness of her eyes....makes me feel like there is a message there! This work has a different feel. I like the occaisional deviation! Thanks for your blogging help, by the way :)

  13. Yes me too, always got something going on in my head, sometimes (like today) I just cant seem to get anything done at all and even not sure if I really want to. Theres always tomorrow ... isnt there!!!!!

    I love this painting, good luck on your re-launch!

    Elaine x


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