Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Guest posting

You can find me today over or should I say at The Bottom of the Ironing basket where I am helping out the lovely Simone on her beautifully dreamy blog with a guest post.

Simone is sunning herself on the beach and leaving her blog in the care of a range of lovely bloggers. I'm thrilled to be one of those and hope I do her justice. Do pop over and have a read.

A clue to the subject matter is given in the image above... Whatever you do, don't go there hungry or I won't be responsible for the consequences!

I am of course happy to help anyone else out with guest posts if they so desire - just feel free to get in touch!


  1. Very cool! Congrats - I will go check it out (and sent your goods out today too ; ) xoxo

  2. i am loving simone's Q & A's with guest bloggers -(i'm up next tuesday!) as it's just lovely to come across great new blogs that sometimes, somehow we miss!

    i went to read yours with no cupcake in hand and no running on the pavement even remotely thought about- and have decided it's tea & treat time...5 kids in the house- may as well hit them with a sugar fix!!

    lovely to meet you- see you at simone's next week!

    Melissa- Miss Sew & So

  3. I loved your guest post, your writing is really excellent. Seriously. I love all the images too - a huge thank you for offering to write a post for me XX

  4. Such a delicious post! I only run if something is chasing me, but if I were a runner I'm sure I'd be thinking of cupcakes (or doughnuts!!!) too! I love the idea of guest posting - it sounds like so much fun!

    I think your latest collage/paintings are wonderful... very expressive :)


  5. I can't imagine anyone better to do a guest post than you Lisa. Your writing is sublime and lovely paintings to match. You also know how to pull us in by using those lucious looking cupcakes as a draw!

  6. Yay...very cool!!! how fabulous Lisa..I shall check it out my shining and talented friend!! yesterday i came here but my comment wouldnt go through! Yay..hope today it does!!
    Shine on..

  7. Oh Lisa, how could you? I'm in that PMT need to binge on sugar few days as it is & then you wave that image in front of my face. Mean, so mean. ;-)

    But I shall bravely go & visit your guest post & shortly after (as I've been a neglectful mother today whilst reading Missy's book) go get some sweet treats for us all!

    Kat :-) Xx

  8. Oh my....heading over there now - I am in dire need of a cupcake or 3....


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