Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Keeping control of the To Do list

I've been great today. I made a huge list to carry me over the next few weeks. It's all about getting organised. I banned art  (my universal distraction) from the equation until I had accomplished a good sized chunk from the mountain of tasks.

The universe was with me - for did not she dictate to my Muse that she must go on vacation for a few days? The poor Muse was distraught (she had some serious plans for me this evening that involved getting glued to a great deal of paper and ruining my nicely varnished fingernails with acrylic paint). In fact, the Muse was so cross that as she left, she slammed the kitchen door... which dislodged a picture from balancing on a shelf ... which fell onto a pile of paperwork underneath.... which unsteadied the filing trays underneath... which caused the whole lot to come crashing down over the floor.

The Muse legged it, while the Universe looked on and smiled (this chaos being her intention all along). Now, I could have just shoved it all back from whence it came, but no dear readers, I did not. I removed it to the lounge and spread it across the floor and began to SORT THROUGH IT... Yes, I know that might seem strange for those that know me, but this house is beginning to resemble that chubby kid from Willy Wonka who eats too much and blows up into a big balloon. I fear one false move and the fragile skin will burst and where will we be then? Bedlam I suspect.

And so, things began well, but I'm sure you've guessed. Yes, they stalled. The West wind began to blow and up flew the 'to do' list and darted out the window. I chased it down the garden path, but that pesky breeze wanted to play. Last I saw it was headed in the direction of the coast - probably fancies a paddle.

And so:
I forgot all about the list
I got bored sorting through mountains of paper.
I had paid work waiting for me (on a more tightly controlled list kept trapped inside a hard drive)
The Muse only leaves when you don't want her to
I got distracted by my favourite art board on Pinterest
I thought I might just write a quick blog post...

But help is in the air. Goddess Leonie is providing an e-course in decluttering and getting all zen. I felt it might be worth the investment and hope there will be other sufferers like me there to hold my hand. We'll see.... The Goddess haven beckons...


  1. AS always Lisa..your Fabulous posts are always full of color and wit and charm.....and such wonderful writing...beautiful! Shine on...

  2. Your brain and my brain work in much the same way. Scary, that, isn't it ?
    Here's to learning which of the voices to listen to ! ;-)
    Cheers, Talented One !

  3. yes i love your pinterest board, thanks to you yesterday i was hooked for quite a while, very fun indeed!
    hugs my mermaid dear Lisa!

  4. Enjoyed this post!! Your writing is effortless! I could use some decluttering around here! I am quite a clutter bug much to my hubby's dismay! lol

    Looks like a good class! Keep us posted if you join!


  5. You are so funny...i should probably check that e-course out....but pinterest looks more fun.

  6. Your muse n' mine are related! I have tripped, dumped, dropped and dribbled all over the house so far this week! Great post! I think most of us can relate :D Take Care...there is still time to win the clutter war~xXx

  7. Your painting a picture with words matches your skill with the brush - always a pleasure to visit.

  8. i'm happy when i just write a to do list, even if i don't follow through i feel like i've accomplished something

  9. I am all for feeling ZENFUL.... good luck with this... you can do it!!

  10. What an amazing art collection!

  11. Ha - I wrote a post all about doing NOTHING today. But I have a list hovering in the back ground grumbling and shooting me looks loaded with daggers. A disgruntled and abandoned list is a bit like a huffy muse - they cause trouble ;-) Fabulous post Lisa :)

  12. Another wonderful post. It's amazing the way you describe a day of nothing getting done! I also enjoyed reading about your Tangerine Summer girl of France. She really does look French and like she is savoring every minute of the glorious summer.

  13. Chuckling...and feeling your pain! Returning from vacation to a stack of bills, piles of laundry, unfinished projects and nasty letters from the Homeowner's Association regarding our dead grass and weathered shutters isn't as sweet as home should be....
    But banning art?! Have you gone too far?! ;P


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