Friday, 5 August 2011

She couldn't see the wood for the trees...

Following on from Tuesday's 'to do list' post, I thought I would update you on progress towards creating the home haven. Today I took a box to the charity shop. It was just an empty box, but I felt like I was heading in the right direction. OK, seriously, there were a few bits in there.
I have signed up with Goddess Leonie's circle of love and support. I am part of a tribe of women reclaiming their homes from clutter or just plain dreariness. We are building the oasis of calm and creativity that suits our unique selves. For some this may be minimalist chic. I would hate that. I like to be surrounded by an element of clutter - but one that is contained within boundaries and not flying randomly around the house getting wrapped around my ankles.

I love the high of being organised. I'm just not very good at getting there.

I have found that my pinterest distraction has actually come in very handy. I am creating dreamboards of my ideal home on there. I am dreaming of floating chiffon encasing the softest of beds. Sumptuous velvets and textures in rich plums and golds for my living area and white creating space to make room for all the colour ready to pour forth. I have something to focus on - a goal and this truly helps.

Instead of walking around the house despairing and failing to start due to lack of destination, I think I finally know where I want to go. Last night I even had a little attempt to declutter my finances. I am looking for the wood in among the trees and it is taking shape. The little vines and roots that attempt to slow me down are hacked into submission. I will find the mighty oak and make it mine.

Somewhat appropriately, the creative theme at Inspiration Avenue this week is a perfect match, so I couldn't resist a little PhotoShop tinkering before I return to sorting through the piles of paperwork and planning Boho chic interior design.


  1. Good for you! Sounds like you are well on the way to creating the home of your dreams-must go and check out your pinterest inspiration x

  2. All your planning sounds wonderful, I certainly wish I was more like you.
    Loving your mixed media piece with its fab saying. Annette x

  3. Hi Lisa, I just popped over from Spain after your visit to my blog. What a lovely blog you have. I think summer and the approaching Autumn always makes me start a HUGE reorganization/de-cluttering regime. It doesn't always work even though I am super organized. Why? Because Hubby is the complete opposite and seems to undo my best efforts ;-)

  4. This has so much depth, Lisa. I love how the branch at the lower left draws you into the center. Love the warm yellow glow too!

    Good for you for attacking disorganization! Seems the more I create art, the more tired my house becomes. Wish I could master both!

  5. Hey Lisa, welcome to my world! I declared 2011 the year of decluttering our house, and we only have another five months to go including this one. Today we started to tackle the garage, one of the worst places in our house. Horrible! But it already looks better after three hours of hard work.
    Your Photoshop creation is beautiful, I love her. There is a silver lining!!

  6. I love your submission as always!
    Sweetie, you ARE the Mighty Oak! Claim your space and call out that inner strength you have, you will be surprised at what you can really do. Don't let all those little "trees of clutter" push you out of your space!

    There is so much energy and strength in your art, you HAVE it. Claim it and ...go getter done!
    I am cheering you on!!

  7. Followed your link to pininterest. So many trees to see here...good luck with the clutter clearing. I need to do that too. Great art.
    BTW your art that I got at the auction is hanging in my art room.

  8. Nice to have a goal and a purpose....and overcome some of the procrastination and distraction that keeps us from even starting...

    Keep it up!

    And isn't Goddess Leonie wonderful....her smile is infectious!

  9. Gorgeous work Lisa - I love the warm tones and the feeling of being in the depth of the forest. I hope she finds what she's searching for ;)

    PS and I REALLY need to take a leaf out of your book with the de-cluttering!

  10. Beautiful imaginative image with a positive sentiment. Both art & post fit wonderfully with the theme.

    Kat X


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