Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Strange goings on...

I think I may have become possessed by some form of crazy decluttering sprite, for the urge to cleanse and organise is oozing from every pore. This Goddess Leonie and her tribe have cast a spell on me... Help!

Do you know that last night I actually sorted through a whole heap of CDs and DVDs - the kind you write yourself - to see what was on them. They were from the 'must sort these through one day' pile. I even found some long lost items hiding on them - including an old iTunes backup! Now, I'm sure you are thinking, "why on earth didn't you write down what was on them when you made them?". I asked myself that same question many a time. I think the same part of brain was operating as when I hid my online banking password - or worse... the time I wrote a secret code which I couldn't remember how to solve...

As we all know, getting access to one's own money online (or otherwise) can often be a tortuous affair. This particular bank required that I turn up in the branch with ID - even though over the telephone I could tell them the entire history of my bank account back to neolithic times. Still, security is important (I've been hacked twice before!). Only trouble is, they've pretty much done away with the branch and replaced it with machines that suck and spit cash. Heaven forbid that you actually might wish to talk to someone. "There's a bit of a wait" I was told... "about half an hour".... Seriously?

Then, the whole logging back in part took further precious moments of my creative time (or decluttering as it has become).... "pick a memorable word", "mother's inside leg measurement", "town of birth of your great auntie's cousin's grandmother's neighbour". It's enough to send a person doolally. I diligently recorded all of my secret answers on a scrap of paper. Now, if I could only remember where that was...

On a brighter note. Last night, I did manage to restore about 90% of my iTunes database. It took around four hours of pain and monotony, but I got there. The remaining 10% of tracks presumably couldn't remember their "first pet's date of birth" and have been banished from virtual reality.

PS: I'm sure that by now you're wondering the significance of this charming shot of The Three Degrees. Well, I typed 'decluttering' in google image search and this is what came up, so why not?


  1. Decluttering is good for the soul :) - The Three Degrees - now that takes me back (sigh)...

  2. and Im now left wondering what kind of picture should of popped up for decluttering!!
    Awesome madness, sounds like your on motivation overload!! I love it. Also loving you rainbow haired girl from the previous post, can I buy it in print in A4.?? Me want now, summer is coming and she is calling me.

    see you in the goddess pit, I have descended deep!


  3. The all too familiar lost password/banking debaucle! But yay for you continuing on the de-cluttering train...woo woo...coming through!

  4. so funny because its so true! i appreciate the security involved in online banking but not when they bring in new measures they dont tell you about and you end up getting barred fron your own account! i love the absolute randomness of 'decluttering' on Google bringing up the 3 degrees! hilarious!

  5. Oh, yes!! I was pick pocketed last year and had to deal with the bank and my visa card for hours!! So frustrating!! Glad you restored a huge chunk of your itunes. My hard drive crashed a while back and I lost pretty much all of it....yikes. I now backup!! : ))

  6. Maybe it's contagious. Yesterday I had the overwhelming urge to clean out and organize my spice cabinet. What a chore, but in the end totally worth it since I got rid of some bottles of of spices that have been around since the ice age. :-)

  7. Thank you for my morning chuckle! Ha - I know this game all too well!!! I've yet to check out the posting you did of my green girlie - I will do it later this evening. I'm glad you liked her!
    Jessi xox


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