Monday, 29 August 2011

The Muse in disguise

It's funny, I've written so many posts about my Muse over the years, yet as soon as I find a writing prompt to do so, she deserts me. I can hear her now, laughing hysterically in the background, at my foolish belief that she'd bend to my will. Fickle creature. I have a cunning plan though... I will leave this post for a while and sneak back when she is least expecting...

You see the Muse might be her own woman, but she does have a tendency to turn up while you are creating. She's nosy. Once you've got her in your thrall then she just can't help giving you a little idea or inspiring thought here and there. Suddenly from nowhere, the word feather will appear and you'll realise it's just what you needed to finish your piece.

The Muse loves mermaids. Perhaps that's where she goes when sneaks off - to swim with sirens? This mermaid wanted to go to the Reef Masked Ball. It's a sumptous affair with everyone having a whale of a time proudly displaying their coral and pearl jewels. Melissa wanted to be a little different so had a word with Freddy the Flying Fish (he's well known to be able to procure anything and he owed Melissa a favour after she got him out of trouble with the loan shark).

Melissa's mask has feathers thanks to Freddy (probably best not to ask where he got them from... although have you seen that parrot without a tail?

Shh.... the Muse is back and she's in a playful mood...

We made this together but can't quite decide if we prefer the original (immediately above) or the one with a little PhotoShopped texture (up top). Freddy says he likes the first one, but he would as he supplied the texture.

It's disguise theme at Illustration Friday this week. We're sneaking in under cover...


  1. Quite frankly, I like her both ways.
    Lovely colorway!

  2. I love your illustration--quite beautiful and evocative. Great little piece of writing on the MUSE, too. My muse, at the moment, seems to be in to chickens... ;)

  3. A muse can be fickle and flighty and you're right they are nosy! I love both illustrations equally. Nice job!

  4. Oh, she is wonderful! I must say I agree with Fredie. The first one has some what of a mistique around her. :)

  5. This is sooooo beautiful Lisa!!! I just love everything about it! I think this may be my favorite!!
    Hope you have had a wonderful summer so far - been missing you all!

    Smiles and hugs

  6. This is so funny. Love your work. It's absolutely breathtaking.

  7. Awesome women,love the colours!

  8. It is plain to see that only women can understand a muse. I'm taking notes.

  9. Love your musings - so clever! Your mermaid is lovely and with her gift from Freddie she will be the belle of the reef ball!
    Jessi xox

  10. OOH she is awesome! I like the second one better.

  11. The story and image are just gorgeous, Lisa! I like her both ways...the top lending more mystery to her disguise...while the second is more playful...

    Muses are tempermental, aren't they?...though it seems you were able to coax a bit of magic from her to me :)

  12. What a lovely post!! have you read Marry your Muse by Jan Phillips? quite inspirational, but you seem quite 'married' to your muse and you two create beautiful paintings.

  13. Oh they're both so lovely ~ who could possibly decide?! I would hate to have a competition between muses ~ I fear mine would still be sleeping on the sofa.

  14. Beautiful muse! Love the green glow especially..very vibrant. I love using feathers with my work ..both painted and real ones..and just did photshoot on my newest we are riding the same creative wave again! funny!
    Thanks for sharing your magical muse,beautiful.

  15. oh wow Lisa!!!! this is a beautiful piece....very cool with the colours and I love her sense of mystery!!!!

  16. Love the way you write about your relationship with your muse. I prefer the top version, but the original has it's own brightness and beauty too. Nice job!

  17. You have done your muse a great justice with these glorious pieces, Lisa !
    She is such a beauty and I love that you see her that way, in spite of her fickleness.;-)
    I hope the weekend brings you some sunshine !


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