Thursday, 15 September 2011

Hula Hola

My hoop arrived today in the biggest parcel I've ever seen - albeit a touch on the flat side. I couldn't wait to shake my booty.

I am hooked. Having been using my son's £1 from Tesco version up to this point, I now realise I have been attempting to wiggle the equivalent of a toddler's bicycle around my grown up hips. This hoop is huge and heavy and it don't fall down. You just shake your hips and round and round it goes.

Soon I was performing my first tricks - just a few bends to start, then a little walk around. The pounds started to drop off, the hoop span faster and faster and faster. Beyonce asked me to stop because I was ruining her reputation. Then, a knock at the door and Cirque du Soleil implored me to run away and join them...

Well, you know I'm a mother. I have responsibilities and a mortgage, but in the end they asked so nicely that I offered them a 'one night only' performance which you can see on this YouTube link above. What lovely people - and they even provided extra hoops.

In all seriousness though, if I could hula like this chick below, I'll be a happy bunny


  1. Wow! it would be so cool to be able to do that like her! ....and I couldn't help but notice how lithe and lean she is because of her pasttime! Better start buying smaller jeans! ;P

    But, really, what a fun way to play and stay in are so cute! I'm so glad you're having fun!

    I was never able to keep a hula hoop up ever...I always blamed it on my narrow hips...though I think my large rear would make up for it these days :)

  2. Wow - get Miss Bendy in Cirque du Soleil!! - happy hula days :)

  3. If I happen to stumble across a hula hoop on my travels - I may just be interested to buy ;o)

  4. Stop your hula hooooop for a minute have won my giveaway.

  5. Ha ha..another cute post Lisa. I'll bet a person can take inches off of their stomach with the hula hoop. Hopefully you don't pull something out of place trying though!!!!

  6. Wow! She's in great shape... I'm off to buy a hoop!


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