Friday, 7 October 2011

I love this interview!

... Because it's with me! No, seriously, this is just a bit of fun I found at Amy's site. Amy is a positive delight and if you've never discovered her wit and wisdom then I suggest you pay a visit. She's posted this interview-yourself-technique which thoughtfully helps bloggers find something to write about. Do join in. I might sling in a few interrogations of my own. Perhaps we could all swap a question out with a new one (it's a good way of getting rid of the one you don't want to answer!).

While I'm on the subject of Amy - and giving her a bit of free PR - I should also mention her Neverending Story which will evolve, chapter by chapter, author by author, across the globe... It began this week with a somewhat folically-based tale about keeping domestic animals on your head. I shall be intrigued to see where the cast of characters (many waiting patiently for their cue in the wings... or possibly on the arms) will take my imagination when I take the pen in December.

So, without further ado... I have placed two comfortable chairs facing each other and will now flit back and forth between them while simultaneously swapping costumes to give the real authentic interview technique...

1. What is your name and stuff? and any other good information... like bank account details?

My name is Lisa, but I also answer to Mums, Mumma, Babes, Dreamer, Clever Writer, Dreamer and Super Dooper Artist! I am practising the power of positive thinking a great deal these days too...

If you want my bank account details, you should talk to some guy with an Eastern European sounding surname who 'borrowed' mine for a time. Although since he is currently being investigated by Her Majesty's Constabulary, I would suggest you approach with caution.

2. What is super hot about you? (Don't you Dare skip this one. Answer it!)

Oh dear. I've already pushed the boundaries by daring to say I'm a writer and an artist. You do ask for a lot don't you? Well, err.... today I think I'm dressing pretty hot. I've got my rock chick look on that miraculously makes me look like I've lost half a stone in weight and (I hope) knocks about 5 years off my age. Who needs a diet when clothes can work the same magic?

3. Don't lie or cheat: what is under your couch right now?

Probably a lot of dust and pet hair, a few sweet wrappers, a toy car and a cat toy. I should have kept my cash there too as it would have been safer than in the bank!

4. When was the last time you shaved your legs?

About 18 years ago... now before you all go yeuuuuuhhhhhh, I don't shave but I do epilate. For the uninitiated, an epilator plucks the hairs out. It's a bit like waxing but the pain goes on a lot longer. After a few times (or was it years?) the agony does diminish I promise!

5. What dance would you most like to learn?
Definitely Argentine Tango (though I would require a sexy Latin partner that knew exactly what he was doing).

6. If you could choose a new name, what would you name yourself?

Always. I'd keep my surname though.

[there's a joke here... think about it.....]

7. Have you ever had plastic surgery?

No. However I once had some stitches in my face after minor surgery and had to go out on my 19th birthday looking like someone has squashed a fly on my cheek. It wasn't really the look I was after...

I'll tell you who has had loads of plastic surgery though.... Barbie! (see photographic evidence above!)

8. Are you afraid of the dark?

Only when accompanies by spooky woooohhoooooooo noises or mysterious creaks and bumps.

9. Are you a hermit?

Only on Mondays

10. Why do you blog?

Because it gets me out of the house without actually having to leave it (especially on Mondays - see Q9).

So, there we go. A little bit about me that doesn't really tell you anything at all (apart from slightly reaffirm my eccentricity).

Do partake and share your results!


  1. Love this post, your wit, your sharing, and basically everything here, but MOST ESPECIALLY, love what you would change your name to!!! (and that you 'outed' Barbie: shameless hussy pretending to keep those looks without any 'work' done over the years!)

    Thanks for the smile!

  2. I am shocked that the Epilady still exists! Torture it was! Gave me the chills just to read about it again. You brave brave woman! You go! And I'll bet with your epilated legs, you will look fabulous when you get out there and Tango!

    Fun post...enjoyed very much : )

  3. Love your answers, but I don't think I am brave enough to answer all those questions just now. The only hot thing about me lately is my coffee! Valerie

  4. I, on the other hand, found out loads about you. You have high tolerance for pain, are generous with money and are always right. :)

  5. Lisa, thanks for my early morning laugh. Sitting here reading blogs because oh, so much more fun than reading the newspaper. Julie

  6. I LOVE the name Always!!!
    Sounds more anglic than Repeatedly.
    And what would your nickname be? Pete?
    OK, now I am just amusing myself...
    Amy is such a cool blogger, And I see she is getting famous her.

  7. :)
    sooper duper artist,
    Guess what? My epilator thing gives me rotten terrible bumps on my legs. but if you've done it for 18 years, i'm thinking that i just have a crappy epilator thingie.
    and yep. you did make me famous, so that was pretty cool :)
    also. really? do you stay in on mondays? i stay in most days.
    unless i Really want to do something.
    like tonight.
    but i might not do it because i don't want to put on a bra.



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