Saturday, 1 October 2011

Viva Espana

Well, I've been back a week already and I'm sure you're all sick of the sight of all the Madrid images I've skillfully manipulated and tweaked.... images that capture the heat and magic of the Spanish capital and fill your senses with flavour and scent.

What? You've missed them? Surely not... Has Blogger been playing up again?

OK, I confess, I have been a bit tardy. What can I say? It's not laziness I can assure. I'm just swamped with the life of the entrepreneur, and believe me that is an exciting, if hectic place to be. I seem to have come through something of an epiphany in the past few months. I have so much more belief in myself, determination and ambition. I'm growing more than I did in teenage growth spurt (I always was a bit of a late developer!).

I have much more to say on the subject, but that is for another post... I have another chapter of a business book I need to go and read right now!

But, before I shoot off, I must share that this week I am hosting the Inspiration Avenue Challenge. Naturally, my thoughts turned to Spain for our theme, seeing as I still felt that country's rays on my skin and tasted the Sangria. Unfortunately, with time not being on my side, all I managed was a background! It was supposed to have a painting of my own of a flamenco dancer, but I had to borrow a couple and have a play in PhotoShop instead. One is a painting by the talented Mai Griffin and the other a photograph from unknown source. Good old PhotoShop eh?

Below is my background - if you enlarge and save for the high res version, you are welcome to have a play and share what you come up with - just come back here and pop in a link to your creation!

Next week I might just get around to sharing some photos! Oh and did I mention that I bumped into some pop stars while I was out there.... Every teenage girl's dream to turn a corner and find yourself surrounded by The Wanted. If only it had been Take That.... ahh.....


  1. I was more of a nkotb kind of girl. Lame! I know! :) This spanish chicka looks fab. Love the fiery red.

  2. Very cool background..or should I say very hot!

  3. Well, the background really helped provide the drama and sensuousness for the dancer!
    Stay inspired!
    Brain Angles - Invisible Ink

  4. Great post and so glad you spent some time with Sangria while you were in Spain. I am sure it tastes much better there than it does here in Australia! You are so generous to share your background. I am thinking I might try to find time to have a play with it this week. Thanks so much for the extra inspiration xx

  5. I love that hot red background! I am sorely tempted to take you up on your offer to download, since I did not have time to create an entry this week :( But I don't think I could do it justice right now.

    Your flamenco dancers merge with it so well, it looks like one fabulous painting!

  6. Well, she is just exudes the passion and fiery nature of the dance! It's beautiful, Lisa....I look forward to seeing more (and hearing about your epiphany!)...

  7. This is so exotic and passionate! funny as I was thinking about trying my hand at a gypsy - flameco type gal today, but went in another direction...maybe next time.

    I love it!

    So glad to hear you are doing so well and finding so much confidence and enthusiasm! That means you are on the right path!!!

    Smiles and hugs

    missed ya!

  8. Love flamenco dancers. Did you see any dancers in Spain? We have some places here where they perform... a million miles from Spain, but fantastic confident and sexy... Your piece reflects all of that as well.
    I am anonymous because blogger is OTL

  9. Now that's one fire hot background...perfect for the challenge!

  10. Hot stuff! Bit of a flamenco all round this weekend. It is never too late to grow a bit.

  11. I'm so glad you pushed me this week into an IA entry. Not sure I know much about Greece (grin). But I have a new found love for Spain and can't wait to see the rest of your photos. I really enjoyed this gal and her flamenco dance. It was a fun read and enjoyable very colorful bit of art.

  12. I certainly can feel the heat! I too love visiting Spain and it was a great choice for a theme this week. Thanks!

  13. I too love the dancers, the passion, the fire.

    Darla (it seems I can only comment as anon today)

  14. My God! She is divine!
    Wow, wow, WOW!


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