Monday, 31 October 2011

Ghostly haunts

If ghosts exist, do you think they might be more inclined to haunt historical buildings? Visiting the Tower of London this weekend, with a thousand years of drama, turmoil, torture and the odd beheading or two; it certainly seemed the most likely place to spot one - especially the day before Halloween!

We heard grisly tales of the poor unfortunates who spent years locked inside its forbidding walls, with seemingly nothing better to do than carve Tudor graffitti into the soft walls that remains to this day. The Ravens regarded us with quizzical eye - these hoardes of marauding tourists gawping and staring. I think that if anyone knows where the ghosts hang out, it's these noble creatures.

So, today I was at work and, as befits someone of my stature and reputation, it seemed only right that I dress in appropriate work attire...


  1. But of course! That is the proper attire for today. :) Thanks for coming to my party! Happy Halloween! :)

  2. Very cool spider witch!!! Very appropriate for today.

  3. ooh you look so scary! Happy Halloween! Those poor unfortunate prisoners of the Tower!

  4. Yes, the ravens definitely know .. We have conversed. YOU, my dear, look WONDERFUL. Happy Halloween. Your blog is simply splendid! :o) Donna

  5. A most appropriate look for the season.

    Happy Halloween


  6. Oooooooooh, you look nice! I look similar right now, too. I used to live round the corner from the Tower Of London, was my childhood playground! Valerie

  7. Perfect pose the background seemed a little spooky too, Happy Halloween.

  8. Yikes - Look out - The spider is headed toward your face! Hee hee ;)

    Happy Halloween!


  9. :)
    a witch.
    i don't believe for one second you are a witch. not the creepy kind anyway.
    you would be the mysterious, cool, fun kind.


  10. What a wonderful pet spider! Happy Halloween Witchy Woman!

  11. love your costume-the spider is ace! i havent been to the tower of London since I was 10 but i remember being pretty overwhelmed!

  12. Your costume is great! You're a very pretty witch :) xxoo

  13. Fabulous costume!!!! You look awesome! Happy Halloween (little late but better then not at all tehehe)


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