Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The 500

I thought I might pepper this blog with a few more business-related posts. For those of you about to tune out though ... Fear not! This will not be some Financial Times  review of a bull market nor a dissection of the Bank of England's decision to hold interest rates, nor indeed does it (unfortunately) have anything to do with Spartans with six-packs .... maybe next time...

Instead, keeping true to my passions, I will endeavour to approach each piece of writing with the right side of my brain. We'll tap into what Dan Pink calls his six senses that will be significant in the world of tomorrow........ design, meaning, story, play, symphony and empathy. I have lately been devouring his book - A Whole New Mind: Why Right Brainers Will Rule the Future. More on this in a forthcoming post.

Firstly, I wish to share what I got up to yesterday. Together with 500 other Entrepreneurs, we packed out a West-Midlands conference facility to listen to our mentor - serial business creator, birthday boy and bundle of energy and motivation... Mr Nigel Botterill.

It's a regular get together for the members of the Entrepreneur's Circle. It's supposed to be a business-type briefing, but I believe there much be something about 'circles' that conjures up a bit of magic. Regardless of the fact that we had a magician in the room and that Nigel's shirt kept changing colour, there was definitely some enchantment going on...

The day progressed and we moved from session to session, then made friends with like-minded individuals over a limp sandwich and something masquerading as coffee. All day I was coming up with so many good ideas for my creative work, moving my business forward and seeking success. It was like a little picket gate inside my right brain opened up and grand ideas began dancing over to the left to get worked into solid plans and objectives.

I felt in touch with my own story and of those in the room. I was motivated, excited and proud to be able to call myself 'entrepreneur', I felt like the hero of my own fairy tale riding with my companions into a world of adventure. We've forsaken the safety of Employment Town and ridden out bravely to our own tune ready to slay dragons and find the pot of gold... Wish us luck!


  1. That session plus the book has you really motivated! Right brainers ruling the world..very interesting. I may have to download that one from Kindle-hopefully they have it. It will be fun reading your posts here-on-in...should be some dynamic stories from your right brain-although I don't see how you can improve on what you already have presented in past posts!

  2. "something masquerading as coffee" LMAO

  3. Sounds like a fascinating organization. "Circle" indeed does have a fascinating subtlety to it.

    I really enjoyed Dan's book. He's a very interesting writer and speaker.

  4. Sounds exciting and best of luck!

    Thank you for visiting the other day and for the advice about Etsy...I am seriously considering that.

  5. Good luck!! 80))
    I'll have to look him up, I have read the book about the right side of the brain not this one though I'm thinking is it the same Author?


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