Saturday, 14 January 2012

Slightly bursting

So, who would have thought it? I reach my 40s and suddenly learning becomes the new going out. It's becoming a total addiction - and doesn't require trying to find a taxi home at 2am. If I don't learn something new every hour then life is being wasted.

I used to read fiction to help me relax and get to sleep at night. Now I read business books and get so pumped up with inspiration and ideas that I can't then nod off. In fact, I'm constantly leaping up to jot down ideas and plot.

Having been self-employed for over two years now, I find it hard to imagine working for one employer again. I might not run a large enterprise and currently take the role of everything from CEO to cleaning lady, but it's mine... all mine.... [rubbing hands in slightly sinister fashion].

I finally feel a little more in charge of my own destiny, and more importantly, am loving the work I am performing for my clients. I take a huge amount of pride in what I deliver. It really and truly matters to me in a way that 'work' never quite did in the past. I work with my clients to increase their levels of employee engagement and it seems to be rubbing off on myself. I am very motivated by what I do! I am both leader and member of my own little tribe here and it feels a very comfortable and stimulating place to be.

Next week sees the start of what promises to be a very special e-course that ticks my creative boxes. Hello Soul. Hello Business by my heroines Beth Nichols and Kelly Rae Roberts will reach into the soul of what we as entrepreneurs are trying to achieve. It's right-directed thinking. It's 21st Century. It's about creating a future of which we will all be proud.

(Image was also created from something I learned this week... I have also signed up for Kim Klassen's Beyond Layers year long inspiration and PhotoShop tips - which included a place on her skinny mini PS course. Now, I thought I was beyond beginner stage... but you keep learning... This piece was created using one of her textures and a photo of my own.


  1. Sounds like you have a ton of excitement going on there!! I am 47. At 40, I decided to go back to college!!! lol Yep. I did. Earned a degree by 44, a BFA in Studio Arts! You are never too old to learn! Go for it!

  2. Fabulous post... and couldn't agree more... learning something new... especially something you are passionate about is magical...
    Love what you did in photoshop...

    Jenny x

  3. Hooray Lisa!!! I can feel your excitement vibrating through your words!

    Wheeee!!! I'm bursting too! I have never looked forward to a Monday more!!! (And have never used quite so many exclamation points all in one place!!!!!!!!)


  4. "If I don't learn something new every hour then life is being wasted." - Wow, such a profound statement, Lisa. I like that. Empowering. Thank you for sharing with us and looking forward to hearing about the new e-courses you'll be participating in.

  5. Another avenue of creativity opens and this is a beautiful piece! I love Kim's textures.

  6. Cheers Lisa!! Not a day wasted is what I'm following this year! Love your post and good luck with your e course.

  7. are bursting i would say quite nicely into the day of 2012...i hope this year continues to fill you with great excitement as you continue to thrive and learn...i always wanted to learn how to do beautiful is your picture to you and much love light and blessings shining brightly upon you and yours~

  8. wow!! even reading this i find myself being motivated. i feel your positive energy across the miles my friend and i am so happy that you not only found your happy place, but a place with such great potential for the future. well done!!

  9. Sounds like you're in an exciting and wonderful place! Enjoy the ride!

  10. We're never to old to stop learning, and best of all - you don't feel rough the next day :)

  11. Great post and so much positive energy. I'm taking the Heelo Soul, Hello Business course with you. Looking forward to connecting.

  12. hey lady. please can we sometime chat about work stuff. am a new associate in a great new company. I would love to have a mentor or at least a co journeyer. co traveller. hmm, you know what I mean. I hope! see you in HSHB anyways.

  13. It sounds so exciting Lisa, congratulations! I think with your will exceed on every level. Well done, your clients are very lucky to have you. What a great attitude you have!

    Best wishes...

    Jeanne xx

  14. exciting times my friend!!! I'm so inspired by you!!!
    Great news about your business and I'm excited to keep hearing updates on how it is all going!
    Keep us informed.

    Hugs and smiles

  15. Yes, there must be something about turning 40 and we get reborn! Maybe it's that we don't care what "they" think anymore and give ourselves permission to do our own thing. :)
    Lovely to 'meet' you - gorgeous blog!


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