Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A strange letter...

Dear Lisa

I know that you are a very busy girl these days and doing your best to fill every tiny crevice of your left brain with new information which then gets sifted and sorted by the right into some intriguing output.

However, this does not mean that I will sit idly by and be IGNORED! That's right. This is your blog writing in a desperate attempt to attract your attention. It's been days since you looked at me and frankly that will never do. After all, who do you think was responsible for putting you where you are now? Who helped stoke the fire and light the creative touchpaper? Who unlocked the treasure chest of your creativity and left you with the key?

That's right. It was me. I took you on a journey of discovery where you not only found yourself, but also a tribe of creatives that have influenced your very soul. Without me, you wouldn't have kept painting, taken e-courses, opened an Etsy shop, sold your work, whisked yourself away on an art retreat or met some of the most amazing people in your life right now. Without me, you wouldn't even be taking this Hello Soul. Hello Business course that is consuming your free moments.

So, this is a plea to remind you that I am still here. Right, rant over, I think you should go and paint something Chinese ready for the postcard challenge this week, then we can meet back here and you can tell me all about it.

Warm regards (nagging is for your own good).

Your Blog


  1. lol i hope i am not going to get a letter like that! Great to hear you you are doing the E-COURSE!

  2. lol! - great stuff from the Wright Stuff!! :)

  3. ~cheers to your blog for giving such plea...hopefully it's words were heard!!! be well my dear friend and much love light and blessings~

  4. That is all kinds of good stuff right there. All kinds. (I have no need to say anything more.)

  5. Ever so clever....and I am a believer in the power of nagging ;P

  6. What giggle invoking, clever, creative post, Lisa! Just wonderful. Keep at it. I love the effect of personifying objects or non-human things (a blog). Nice job.

  7. Ahahahaha!!! silly Blog ... what's her name?? she's so naggy just like llara and she's not even 70 yet!!

  8. ;D Great post! Can't wait to see the beautiful work I KNOW you've been doing!

  9. Love this letter from your blog! Your are creative in more ways than I imagined! :-)

  10. hee hee! blogs have feelings too!


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