Thursday, 9 August 2012

A postcard from Malta

I've never been to Malta but when I think of the island, brightly coloured fishing boats float across my conscious and then bob about in the harbour of my imagination.

So that's what I painted on my postcard this week. I took myself and my dreams off to the harbourside of Valetta and we sketched this little craft. See the eyes of Osiris on the bow. They protect her from evil, keeping her crew safe and the fish plentiful.

I used some text in Maltese to add some texture to the waves. You know me... I just can't resist adding a few words into my art, even if I can't remember what they said. I just threw some words about the island into Google Translate!

This postcard follows the adventures of my would-be lovers X and Y. Last week in Denmark, Y threw down the gauntlet and suggested they meet. I wonder what her reaction will be?

Join in the adventures of all here at Darcy's blog.


  1. Love the boat and especially the water! Valerie

  2. a beautiful card.what great colours,love the water with the words.

  3. fabulous, I really love it. Genius to add words into the water.

  4. Love your postcards. Beautiful painting and colours, the water idea is inspired.

    Janet xx

  5. Fabulous postcard, your painting is wonderful, such colour.
    Jen x

  6. Terrific job on the painting it looks just like the boats you see in the photos of the harbors!


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