Saturday, 4 August 2012

I will...

Drink more water and less coffee (I used to hate coffee, but now I fear I am somewhat addicted).

Eat less chocolate (which has crept back into my 'diet' like a stealth bomber). It was a 'treat' - just a square or two from a big block of Lindt a day, but then it became half a bar... and then....

Push harder at the gym (I'm there, so I might as well put my back into it). I'm much fitter now so there is no excuse to keep at it. No pain: No gain.

Any time I lose gym motivation I will visualise Olympic athletes standing next to me in a mirror
I will plan each day the night before. I will see their washboard stomachs and finely tuned muscles. I will get inside their heads and feel that motivation and desire. I will steal a bit of it.

I will prioritise and stick to it. That's right. This might also involve setting a timer and definitely deadlines.

I will ask The "boat" question every time I get distracted. (I have been very inspired by the boat question!). The boat question is the difference between getting there first and leading or sitting back thinking "I could have done that".

Meditate for 5 minutes every day to help calm and organise the crazy thoughts spiralling through my mind. These germs of ideas deserve this. I have lots of thoughts every day and some are very good ones, but they get lost in the maelstrom of distraction. They need to be nurtured and I think a few minutes of calm might be just the ticket.

Write in my gratitude journal. I have plenty to be grateful for.

Say "I am an Artist" every morning. Seriously, how difficult is that?


  1. I will cheer you on!
    Stay inspired!

  2. I think you need to say you're an artist more than once a day, just until you have it embedded in there!! I only know you as an artist!! It's truly who you are!!

    Hugs Giggles your cheerleader too!!

  3. many things here are on my list, too....difference is, you're putting the list into action....and I'm whooping and hollering for you on the sidelines! Go for it!!

  4. You are an artist really. I love your work. And you will inpire me
    Lovely greet and nice weekend

  5. 'Say "I am an Artist" every morning. Seriously, how difficult is that?'

    Great post. I could apply "How difficult is that?" to so many things I should be doing. Made me smile.
    Lyrical Letha

  6. such a great inspiration you are,

  7. Lisa, you are so definitely an artist - keep up the good work in the gym x

  8. I will ...probably not do any of those things.... but I will cheer you on from the sidelines...xx

  9. except the I am an artists thing... I do that every time I wash my hands... and as I wash them all the time... like freaky amounts of hand washing it is a great reminder!!!

  10. So many promises to keep! Remember to include one to be kind to yourself, and not be too disappointed if that little bit of extra chocolate sneaks in. And you ARE an artist, and inspiring teacher, so just paint that on the wall in big letters.

  11. good thoughts- GREAT plan! love your blog- hope u stay inspired since you inspire me :)

  12. I was nodding as I read along. Inspiring post Lisa! Especially eating less chocolate and meditating to clear my often busy mind. I still can't figure out why it is so darn difficult to shut my mind off for a few minutes! lol

  13. I just started the Soul Garden Planner, and I found your thoughts very helpful. Thank you.


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