Saturday, 25 August 2012

Have you got your Moyo?

I'm going to write some posts about other people for a change. Especially those that inspire me.

To start this one off though, I do have to talk about me! It almost warrants a whole other post, so I'll try and keep it brief - but I have to tell you that I LOVE being an entrepreneur!

It's about freedom and the same time control. It's knowing that for every ounce of effort you put in, you're getting something personally out of it. It's the thrill of chase, the magic of adventure and the thrill of the unknown.

Don't get me wrong though, it's darn hard too. It's long hours, self-doubt, financial insecurity and tough decision-making to name but a few. And when, like me, you're a business of ONE, then it can be a bit lonely too. When there are choices to be made, you don't have a team around you to share opinion.

It's why I join Entrepreneur networks, devour business books and follow the goings on of those who inspire me - my entrepreneurial heroes whose determination to succeed, drive and creativity lift me from those moments when I fear I can't achieve.

Beth Nicholls and Rachael Taylor are two such ladies. I first came across Beth when she ran the Do What You Love retreat last May and I met Rachael there. Since then between them these ladies have run numerous successful online courses (sometimes together), collaborated with more of my heroes (Kelly Rae Roberts), moved to Japan (Beth), appeared in books, won awards, appeared in magazines, been interviewed here there and everywhere, given lectures and generally been a guiding light of entrepreneurial inspiration for those that believe that you really can do what you love for life and for your living.

And now... they have launched a new magazine that is quite possibly the most beautiful I have ever seen!

Read more about Beth here

Read more about Rachel here

Read Moyo right here!


  1. It is always easier and lovelier to talk about others after we've loved ourselves a little, and it shows that you love you and what you do.

    The magazine is bright and yummy ;-)

  2. I have always been an entrepreneurial type. I use to own my own PR consulting fact for 10 years!!! The independence is hard to beat! You enthusiasm is apparent. Keep doing what you're doing!!

  3. Thank you for such a lovely post Lisa. Love watching your entrepreneurial journey unfold!

  4. it is gorgeous isn't it.... thanks for pointing us in their direction... that mag is just perfect...xx

  5. You are a fantastic cheerleader and guide! I, for one, am so happy to know you....and have your art to inspire me, words to ponder and recommendations to take to heart :)

  6. wonderful post! I too found these ladies via another entrepreneur Tara Gentile - couldn't be happier - as I have started to paint regularly since taking their class!

  7. Brilliant post, a plethora of information and inspiration!!! Thanks Lisa... very interesting!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. Inspiring Post. Inspiring Lady.


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