Thursday, 30 August 2012

I'm a girl of many layers

Twice in the last week or so I've been asked what inspires me, so if anything called for a blog post and piece of art then this was it.

This piece is probably somewhere over the Atlantic right now. She resides in an artistic collaboration, a round robin of art journals travelling from one side of the ocean to another. Eight artists each adding their own part to the story. Steph asked that we share what gave heat to our inspirational flame. For me it's layers and words and the feminine and eyes and story and pattern and experimentation... and well, you name it, sometimes it's there!

There's something very special about painting over layers. It's like you're building a secret history for your painting. There are stories from the past that only the two of you have read, but if the observer looks closely enough they might find clues in the tiny elements that remain.

Layers are whispers and hints, they add texture and interest, they cover up the pieces we wish to hide from others, but are still intrinsically a part of us.

Somewhere in this post I stopped talking about art and moved onto myself... There are many layers to peel away today. Some are pretty and sparkling but others stick like glue and weigh me down with their tight weave of negativity. I keep reminding myself to believe in myself and my goals, to keep on doing ...

Oops! I nearly forgot. This post is also for Artists' Playroom and the prompt "What inspires you?"


  1. O WOW, I love, love, LOVE this! Thanks for doing one of your ladies layered with lots of gorgeous color, texture, WORDS, and of course, fabulous eyes! LOVE this! I can't believe it's for ME :D

  2. She is totally beautiful Lisa..the colors are sublime..and she carries a really peaceful essence! Stunning eyes..soulful..dreamy..a gorgeous piece! Shine on!

  3. Oh my she is gorgeous, love her beautiful mouth. Love the layers of history that make a piece and a person!! Makes them both so interesting!!! Lovely work!! You are so talented!!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. What a beautifully written post, Lisa. Seriously. I think the piece that stood out to me the most, personally, was this:

    "Layers are whispers and hints, they add texture and interest, they cover up the pieces we wish to hide from others, but are still intrinsically a part of us."

    Thank you for always inspiring us.

  5. Ah man...I never thoght of layering as a story that only you, the artist, and the painting share the full history cool is that?!

    She is beautiful, Lisa, as is your way with words :)

  6. this is a beautifully rendered piece. Her eyes have it and I love your idea of layering adds history to your painting. Brilliant.

  7. this is seriously awesome... layers as a secret history... I love that idea... you inspire with your words and art!!!!

  8. wow loving your fabulous magical piece of art, x

  9. Beautiful piece of art. the face is so gorgeous, her mouth, eyes, wonderful work. You are so inspiring.
    Lovely greet

  10. What a fabulous post. That painting is wonderful. I stared at it for ages, there is so much to be found in there. Her face is extraordinary and you can get lost in those eyes. Stunning.

  11. You do layers so beautifully, Lisa! You're right, layers add so much interest...wonderful work!

  12. Fabulous post Lisa! I love the way you wove your words around this beautiful self-portrait and tied it up in a bow. What a gift!

  13. Oh Lisa, this is really lovely and the words accompanying your work is fab especially "layers are whispers and hints..."!
    Beautiful job...
    Beth P

  14. I really love the way you paint.. just beautiful !

  15. The writing and painting so mysterious and as you said as we all are. You let us peek just far enough into your layers to be enticing, but not scary. "Her" face seems to be searching with her eyes and patient mouth.

  16. Wow! Your portrait is amazing and the traveling journal idea sounds exciting. Blessings!

  17. This is an absolutely stunning piece Lisa! I love the depth and mystery of your layers, so beautiful! And "building a secret history for your painting" - love that idea!

  18. Lisa, I LOVE these pages...they are some of your best layered ladies! I love these colors and her face is beautiful. You do layers so well, because it seems as if I can see down through all of them. And each one adds to the texture and depth. Steph will love it!!

  19. What a beautiful piece of artwork!! You expressed the process of layering so eloquently. Thank you!! Warmly, Tracy

  20. layers are the coolest thing! also in an archeological and art history kind of way - when you think of art restorers who find entire paintings or drafts hidden beneath classic paintings - the Flanders Panel is a great book on that. I've always wanted to participate in an journal round robin...not gotten around to it or the chance, really, yet

  21. What a beautiful post. LOVE LOVE LOVE THE PAGE! Its is gorgeous. And i totally agree with you about layers. You are soooooo amazing and talented.
    Love it!

    i am a twelve year old who just made a blog and would love for you to drop by and leave your opinion about my art.



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