Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Dragon Slayer

You might be forgiven for thinking that at last I am actually making some headway with my fantasy fiction. Well... there will be a dragon in it, which may or may not get slain but this has nothing to do with the title of this post. Dragon Slayer is the name attached to a mythical piece of armour carried by the legend that is St George. The front of the shield was embellished with precious jewels set deep into the silver plate. These shining adornments had been cut from the belly of the dragon-foe now depicted on the face of the silver shield. What you see depicted here is a true replica of the legendary defence used by the brave George to do battle with all that was un-holy and fearsome. It was with this very shield that the Saint rescued the Princess from certain death when her foolish villagers sent her as sacrifice when they needed water (when Northamptonshire had a poisoned waterhole last year, we went to Tesco which was a less drastic measure).

Truth is, this dragon actually represents my fall into 'competitive Mom-hood' as my five year old was sent home from school with a note inviting him to enter a competition to make a shield that even St George would be proud of. Well, I could have just given him a sheet of A4 paper and a couple of crayons but that's not the Wright way. I have to instill him in the creative urge! So, we sat and scrunched up tissue paper and got sticky with glue and created Dragon Slayer. He did help quite a bit - honest... even though he moaned that scunching up bits of paper was boring. Kids today eh?

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  1. Can't believe you didn't win. The winner must have been a Gok relative who just jazzed up an old silver tray with High Street jewells!


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