Wednesday, 22 April 2009

What's it all for?

As stated, this blog is about me becoming a writer. I will detail my journalistic exploits, my verrryy-sloooow-toooooo-progressss-novelll and have a good old time writing posts in here. But it's something else too... a conversation starter! I know you're reading this, I can see you there you know. So how about a comment or two? Of course, it's partly my fault that my conversation is a little one-sided (apart from my sister and a fellow stationery lover who I accosted when they were least expecting it). What is missing in my missives is a call to action - a question like... what do you think? Not just about my blog but about my musings - what's your view on Gok for example? By the way I bet Torres and his chums were cursing the football schedules last night. That's two Tuesdays in a row they've had to go to work at the same time Gok is on! I'm going to shoot off on a tangent now, mainly because I am very tired and my mind is all over the place. Let's talk football. Why is it that when I sit down to watch a match with my boyfriend, inevitably it proves to be a dull run around by 22 over-paid grown men failing to get the ball in the back of the net, then when I'm watching Gok (and don't have SkySports anyway) what happens? I'll tell you what... 8 goals and 2 in the last couple of minutes. Now that's what I call a football match. Boyfriend, aka Arsenal obsessive, kindly filled me in on many of the goals by phone update (which was very entertaining as, every time he called, Liverpool equalised) and then, I have to confess, in very small type, I did actually put on SkySports News to catch the final moments and see the goal replays ... Well... what can I say? A closet Gooners fan!
Right, 6 minutes until the Apprentice starts. I am allowing myself an hour's slob on the sofa and an early night. So, if my some miracle you are still managing to follow this - how about joining in with a bit of writing of your own?

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  1. Just off to buy my essential 24 piece capsule wardrobe which is fully interchangeable and mix and match. Then I'm going to give an old handbag a makeover with some cheap High Street fashion beads. Go girlfriend! x


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