Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Yes, it probably could

I'm back to attempting to plot my fantasy novel again; I'm just struggling to fit it in with all the other creative urges and, it has to be said, the day job rather gets in the way! I am fascinated by the enduring power of magic. If so many have written about it for so long, have conjured up worlds inhabited by elves, dragons, witches, warlocks, dwarves and powerful beings. If imaginations build parallel universes that cross the passages of time then either they were once true or we bring them to life with our longing. Why do we yearn for the mystical and mysterious? What is missing from our lives that we believe magic can fill the gap? If you were confronted by a fairy floating around your bed in the middle of the night offering to take you on an enchanted journey riding on the back of a dragon to an unknown world, would you go?

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