Friday, 17 April 2009

Who's that new girl?

Well, I have been slack with the posts this week. Blame the new job syndrome. I am just not used to getting up with the birds and driving half way across the country before 9am. Shall I tell you all about it?

Well firstly, I work at a place called Wireless House which sounds terribly modern. However, I have found it strangely disappointing and something of a contradiction in terms as, since I've arrived, I've had nothing but trouble with wires - either not plugged in, unpluggable or not electronically connected. Then, once you are up and running you discover that the only wireless hotspots in the building are in the canteen and reception. Add to this the startling discovery that some mobile phone networks don't get a signal here without climbing onto the roof and you start wondering if the 'wireless' refers back to those old-fangled radio things you used to listen to the Top 40 to back in your youth!

Despite this confusion, I am settling in and making new friends. I've been left on my own a bit and, to counteract the lack of someone to talk to, plus the need to quickly build a new network, I was tempted to wander up to random people and introduce myself. Whilst I would actually be quite happy to perform this sociable exercise - being a gregarious soul - I have from past experience discovered that the unsuspecting colleague can be a little un-nerved when greeted by a cheerily smiling stranger and subjected to what they perceive as interrogation (but I prefer to call simple curiosity) about their levels of engagement with their employer. It may be wiser to break them into my approach a little more gently.

Warwick itself (for that is where I am based) is really delightful. It's like stepping back in time. The office (with no wires) is just a cannonball's throw from the castle, so if I fancy a spot of jousting at lunchtime I shall be sorted. The walk into town is a brisk, but picturesque 20 minutes, taking in a cowslip-strewn footpath, above-mentioned very impressive castle, river (with boats for hire), parks bursting with spring blooms and picture postcard historical buildings. It boasts a number of extremely interesting looking (and no doubt expensive) boutiques and giftshops and even a deli - very upmarket with ne'er a chav in sight!
Indeed, while walking into town this lunchtime, I struck up a conversation with some ducks loitering by the footpath (it is a little-known fact that I speak 'water-fowl' - though I have been called quackers a few times!). Typical with most of their species though, they were only interested in talking about food and expressed a preference for M&S multi-seeded break should I wish to feed them on the way back. Clearly a better class of bird than their Sunblest-favouring Northampton cousins.
Tune into the wireless again soon friends and find out what happens when I visit the Earth Station and Teleport - do you think I'll meet Darth Vader or maybe Mr Spock?

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