Saturday, 8 May 2010

After the party - Part 2

I was going to write "I don't really know many bloggers..." but of course that would be a total lie - I know hundreds! However, I'm sure you can follow where I was going with this. I am of course talking about the people I see on a regular basis, pick up the phone to - they've just never grasped the concept quite like I have. They don't feel that same urge to commit their words of wisdom to the world wide web. Nor do they spend their evenings travelling the globe via the written word and painted picture devouring the thoughts and creations of others and taking that inspiration to make something unique to them.

So, on Wednesday, when I was lucky enough to be in a room full of bloggers, writers and people passionate about both, I really did feel in my element! (see previous post for all the details)

It got me thinking though - about siezing opportunity. I wonder how many people saw the note posted on British Mummy Bloggers and were intrigued and would have loved to have been there, but just didn't bother. It's too easy to say no after all, to find the excuses so we don't have to make an effort and put ourselves out just a little bit.n But if we don't then how do we move forward? How can we possibily achieve our potential? What will we miss?

It wasn't that easy to go to this event. I had to arrange childcare and structure my working week around it. I knew I'd be tired the next day and the train fare wouldn't be cheap, but look at what I gained.

I met one of my favourite authors and came away inspired to write anew; I spent the evening talking about writing, blogging and creativity; I got to know some incredibly interesting new people and found even more new blogs to follow. I even got a few glasses of free wine and a scrummy goodie bag full of books - and chocolate! But most of all I took away a wonderful experience. So, if anyone out there wants to organise any more get-togethers, you can count on me to attend. Now, who would I like to meet...???
You can also read about the event at Adventures of an English Mum, Efe Fabulous and The Musings of Ondo Lady


  1. It was a great night and I'm really happy that I too made the effort. I was so nice to meet other Bloggers in the flesh and talk about writing etc! Lets hope we get invited to a few more!!! Have a great weekend!

  2. Well done for taking this opportunity - it is so easy to let occasions like this slip by. You obviously got so much out of the evening and it is great to read about positive outcomes to the blogging experience.

  3. This sounds fantastic, I am so glad to hear you went. I have not read Lisa's work so I will check it out. To spend an evening talking about writing blogging and creativity well that sounds like bliss to me...
    Happy Mothers Day, do you have this holiday in the UK? Celebrate even if you don't...


  4. Lisa I couldn't agree more. It is very easy to let opportunities go by because of the other stuff that gets in the way. I've spent the last 18 months challenging myself to get a grip on what the things that matter are and what is just STUFF that doesn't help me or my family. It takes some disentangling. But when you get there suddenly opportunities and fantastic experiences seem to come knocking on your door one after another. I'm glad this event was one of those moments for you :-)


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