Sunday, 16 May 2010

Concrete Poetry

My rushed entry for Inspiration Avenue's Architecture challenge.

I didn't really have time this week, but then suddenly a spare few minutes caught up with, boffed me on the head and said "slow down chickie" - relax and make some art. So I did!

Some more collage practice. A holiday home from Uruguay with delicious yellow walls set against the bluest of skies made abstract then given a bit of a colour and texture boost in photoshop to really. Funny how such a confusion of images still says 'South American'. Well, it does to me anyway.

I loved the headline - Concrete Poetry -a verse or two away from some of the monstrosities gracing our cities today. But it's true, there can be so much beauty in the unlikely.

I cut the images out of World of Interiors magazine. Gosh I love that publication. Imagine being a photographer and journalist for them, travelling the world in search of the most magical of abodes. I'm part way compiling a blog post on my dream house. I would be lying if I didn't admit to snippets of ideas making their way from these glossy pages. Country Life also makes its presence felt in my dreams.


  1. This is a lovely abstract Lisa! The yellow and blue work very well together and the repeated lines are really interesting.

    I also love the phrase you use - "beauty in the unlikely" - I believe beauty is everywhere, it's just a matter of learning how to look I think :)

  2. Very nice - I love the colors used here and I agree it does say 'South America'.
    Nice work - How do you just produce this on the spur of the moment?


  3. I love the title of this piece, the colors and the little jolt of red at the top. Reminds me of a playground ;)
    I am looking forward to your dream house post.
    What a fantastic idea!

  4. this is neat. Name and all love all the work that went into it and the color splashes.
    Very cool

  5. So modern and lively! I like it! And the bright vibrant colors do say "South of the Border"!

  6. Your collage looks fun! I wholeheartedly
    agree with you that beauty can be found in unlikely places...most places really.

  7. Very cool looking,love the colors.

  8. Ya.... it's very cool Lisa!! I love the colors that you've used!! It all works very well together!

  9. I love the colors from this- architecture and nature combined into art....I LOVE it, and I too want to know how you manage to just "whip something out"; it looks like it took hours....

  10. I love it, its the colours I think! Dream home sounds like fun, cant wait to read it!


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