Tuesday, 4 May 2010

A fairy tale...

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we'll begin...

Once upon a time a group of Inspirational creatives held a challenge for they were sorely troubled in their Queendom by a terrifying dragon. This beast was intent on destroying everything in its path. The only thing that could appease it was to gaze upon beautiful pieces of art and listen to fine stories.

The weary inhabitants fed the dragon daily with their creative output but it became too much for them as its appetite for art grew and grew. Its lair was filled with paintings, fabrics, sculpture and woodcarvings and its scales adorned with sparkling jewellery. How could they keep up with demand let alone stop this creature? They held conference and called upon the wise ones of the land. At last they found the answer they sought. Why, they would turn to the citizens of Bloglandia itself.

Can you help us Citizens? Can you create a piece befitting a fairy tale? Will you save us from the dragon?

Is this finally a plot, or have I simply lost mine?

Well, probably neither. It is simply a creative challenge I am hosting this week over at Inspiration Avenue on the theme of Fairy Tales. Do pay us a visit and take away some creative inspiration. That dragon really is very hungry!


  1. What is the link for this challenge...did I miss it?


  2. I'm there Girlfriend.
    Clueless, but there.
    Always last minute and by the seat of my pantyhose.

  3. <3 i have a dragon like that living in my chest .... and i kinda like him!

  4. If I can find my mojo I will endeavour to help slay the dragon!! Ha ha ha ha ha!! Cackle, cackle!!!!


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