Monday, 3 May 2010

More than one story

It is pulling at me again - that story - you know, the one that's in me... waiting to come out. I keep finding little life indicators prodding and reminding me. It's time to start...

Once upon a time, I found a new arty challenge site but kept missing the deadlines for entry. Until now...

Mind Wide Open is one of those 'do something with this picture' challenges and as I gazed at the lady in question my imagination began to go on a ramble. As every artist creates their piece, each will form their own story around Emily (for I do believe that must be her name). Some will have her dreaming romantic notions of dashing Dukes proposing on horseback. Others may find her wrapped in an apron, arms folded in a Liverpool back street waiting for her drunken husband to return from the dockside pubs (my Mum loves a pinny-saga!). Maybe she herself is a frustrated artist; bound by society's conventions and forced into a role her soul was never made for?

And so, my piece took shape with the fragments of the stories as background and two of the faces of Emily. As I played with the paper of her dress, I saw butterfly wings in the fabric so was drawn to add some more of the creatures - helping her stories take flight.

Emily's story in pictures evolved before me as the whispered words of her past mixed with the hues of her moods and seasons. She was a delightful companion. Can't wait to 'read' her other histories.


  1. Isn't it wonderful when the character starts whispering us h/her stories? I think it would be fantastic if you could share with us more of Emily's stories. She must have lived a vibrant life ... from what I picked up the strong colors. The butterflies are lovely against her gazing eyes. Once again, you've come up with very strong visual. Well Done! :D

  2. I love all that you said so much that I will come back and read it again and again. You were born to be a writer. Can't wait for your book. (as I've said before)

  3. inspiring!


    ciao bella
    creative carmelina


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