Tuesday, 25 May 2010

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  1. Oh I really liked seeing this. It was wonderful seeing all those women artist mothers. I could relate to all they said. Is response to Who do you think you are, I want to say I am an Artist Dammit.....

  2. OMG this gave me chills - It really strikes a chord with me. I was recently lent a book by Julia Cameron called "The Artists Way" and I have loved reading it. It too says that if you have that creative urge you should act upon it. It is a struggle, but I would hate to think what kind of person and mother I would be if I didn't have my creative outlet.
    Thanks for posting this Lisa - mummys should feel empowered! x

  3. WOW, I don't have any words for how this makes me FEEL, but it was like listening to a description of my own life as a mother;, no time to paint, feeling crazy from not painting, painting because I HAD too, but really, no time to paint.......now that I'm older and the kids are too, I understand that in order to be the best mother/wife that I can, I MUST paint even if it's only for a few minutes each day!
    Thanks SO much for sharing this, Lisa!

  4. LIsa - always in sync with us all. Thanks for the link!

  5. wow and you know what? this sort of makes me want to weep! I wish I could change a few things, but maybe that's what we're doing by blogging, arting and sharing.

    Thanks for your lovely comments by the way.



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