Saturday, 29 May 2010

The post-holiday blues

(To be sung on a porch on with a guitar with a missing string and a glass of something alcoholic by your side)

Oooh I took me on holiday to the land of sun
I had such fun just me and my son
Skiathos was the name of the Greek Isle
It was so hot we couldn't walk a mile

Da na da na...

But now I'm back with no sand under my feet
It's raining here on my grey old street
I tried to smile but I said to my Muse
It's no dang good I got the post-holiday blues....

Enough of that nonsense!! Well, I came home from my Greek hols yesterday and found the theme I'd missed at Inspiration Ave was 'the blues'. First thought was the azure waters of the Aegean - or were they turquoise? Or perhaps a bit of both? Are you jealous yet? Well, I'm certainly jealous of the folks still there under that blue sky

I didn't drive or touch a computer all week. I slept loads. I discovered a beach that appeared to have been sprinkled in diamond dust. I have so much inspiration and many stories to share of my travels, but will leave you for now with this blue sea to dream upon... a blue door on a blue balcony topped by a blue railing and sky and some blue shoes (not suede, but plastic).

Now I have to catch up on what I missed in Blogland, before decide on which creative idea I brought back with me to act upon first... Hmm... decisions decisions....


  1. A beautiful trio of pictures - you certainly make it sound like paradise,

  2. My buckets need to visit this place! I guess in a place like this relaxing is MANDATORY! Gorgeous pics (loving the door).

  3. how wonderful that you got away
    had sun on your shoulders and sand under your feet. Your photos are lovely and blue.

  4. Welcome back dear friend! Been missing you ... Looking forward to more of your post holiday Greek posts.

    And yes, you could definitely make time for The Sketchbook Project 2011. I'm starting to think about you as my partner in "art crime"!!?? Hahaha! Come on and let's have some fun together! :D

  5. Wow Lisa so many blue.
    Wonderful idea and great photo´s.

  6. I'm glad I popped over to visit! Your pics are beautiful Lisa! looks like u had a wonderful time!

  7. Oh, to be on that balcony! And the water is stunning!

    Yes, I am envious! Can't wait to see/read about your Greek adventures!

  8. Look at that water! My favorite type of blue. Glad you had fun on your trip!

  9. Oooo what a lovely holiday! Good for you and your little one!


  10. Wonderful kind of blues!

  11. I am SO jealous- I really don't know how you managed to make yourself leave:) Beautiful images- I had a hard time choosing which one to post!

  12. I am turquoise with envy...beautiful, beautiful pictures! I love that it was just you and your've made him a memory he will always treasure :)

  13. What a beautiful blue collection, gorgeous sea and I love the railings! Yes very jealous indeed! You've got me singing Mama Mia now!! Coming home must have been a very major blow, its bloomin' chilly here!!!!


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