Saturday, 21 May 2011

Bloomin tropical!

As far as I understand, to be officially classed as 'tropical' one should be talking about a location on certain latitudes - those with tropic in the title presumably! However, for the purposed of this creative challenge - and more especially as I'm surrounded by palm trees, turquoise seas and nibbling mosquitoes, I would like to pretend that Skiathos, Greece falls under this category! Certainly if you compare it to where I woke up yesterday morning with its cloudy skies and rubbish-strewn canal, it is definitely tropical!

A beautiful bloom growing on the beach - where I've just returned from covered in sand and salt water and feeling rather fab-u-lous!


  1. Lovely piccy - beautiful colours!

  2. ohhh enjoy, it sounds like a perfect time for a seaside holiday. thats the problem with living by the sea, its a sad everyday occcurance and you appreciate it less. I love going on holiday and love it when others do even more. have a beautiful time, and walk in the sand for me


  3. Beautiful photo. I understand that tropical does have to with a certain latitude but I am with you being around the sand and ocean is tropical and wonderful. Sounds like a very relaxing holiday, hope you have a wonderful time.

  4. Lovely photo. Tropical colours, even if it is Greece. Lucky you!

  5. definitely fab-u-lous!what beautiful tropical colors..

  6. You deserve every tan line! I love to hear of my friends living the blissful life...and I am not jealous in the least :/
    Thanks for thinking of me...I would love to see what you saw!

  7. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photo. Cheers on your R&R trip! I would love to go to my fav place, but I guess that's why God gave me an imagination! :)


  8. wonderful colour - flowers on the beach always make me smile because they are so unexpected


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