Thursday, 5 May 2011

Process driven mad by

I'm supposed to be completing an organisational exercise to rationalise my work processes. First up though, what processes do I actually have in place?

You see this is tough. I am not a process person. That's the trouble. I'm a fly-by-the-seat of my pants girl. I wasn't always like this though. I used to be a very efficient PA, praised in my annual reviews for my organisation, my project management and ability to second guess.

Then, as I let creativity loose, as I welcomed The Muse into my life, slowly but surely organisation has slipped from its moorings and drifted downstream. There's a rope tantalising floating behind it - I can almost reach it... but... I might fall in! And, do I want that heavy boat full of procedure pulling at me and weighing me down?

Let me illustrate by example. My 'process' for managing my business expenses has become 'leave it on the desk until the mess starts to grow legs and then file it'. I guess that's not actually a disaster. I know where it is. I get around to it eventually...

I also write 'to do' lists... sometimes... (but if they're not committed to paper they are at least floating around in my head), and I even grade the items in order of importance and urgency. How much process do I really want or need? How will it really benefit me?

But can I carry on like this. Will I eventually fall in the river with no rope in sight to cling onto and emerge to sit on the bank bedraggled and defeated?

Why am I even bothering to write this? Well, three reasons.

1. My 'homework' is due tomorrow and as I haven't actually made any progress, I can at least prove I thought about it.

2. Blogging about it provides the perfect excuse to put off actually doing anything about it.

3. I often find that by writing down the problem, giving it a bit of articulation, the answer presents itself.

  • I quite enjoyed writing all this down!
  • I feel a bit better about not having done my homework.
  • If I can manage quite well without processes and flying by the seat of my pants. Imagine how well I could perform with just a tiny improvement to my working process.
  • 'Process' does not necessarily mean creating a 5,000 berth cruise liner. It could just be a one man canoe - either way, they'll keep me afloat.
What's the boating analogy equivalent to 'baby steps' and has anyone seen my life jacket?


  1. Very good venting.... now breathe... it does feel good!

  2. Well, I think you just described my thought process in a nutshell, right down to the pile of 'stuff' that needs to be filed. I can most often find what I need somewhere in that stack! It must be an artist thing. Right now, I am supposed to be drafting but have thought of three other things to do first before I begin my real work. Ahhh....

  3. Process and Lisa, 2 words not normally heard together! :-) hope to see you soon, Linds xx

  4. Isn't Organized and creative Muse kind of an Oxymoron = when in the same sentence.


  5. You can borrow my new motto

    "Give NO a Go"

    The best homework is always late!



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