Monday, 9 May 2011


Are you ever afraid to start again, to change your plans and goals? I was soaking up a blog post from Juliette Crane telling the story of one of her paintings. The final piece little resembled neither the original, nor presumably the intent but it was perfect.

My own style of painting too is slowly heading in this direction. I'm no longer so precious about sticking to an original plan or idea - I cringe less when I paint over paintstakingly crafted layers. I let the work flow and tell its own story. There's almost something comforting in knowing what's underneath the layers - parts of the process - beginnings, lessons learned and past history. When I'm brave and paint over my creation it's often a tough move. What am I thinking of? What am I destroying in trying to create something better? Inevitably though, just like Juliette, I find the results worth the pain and mental anguish.

It's life really. We set sail with a destination in mind, but the winds shift and off we go in a different direction. Should we panic and fret over what we thought should have been or embrace the adventure? I know what I prefer!


  1. I have to agree with you, but sometimes it's a little scary, but I'm learning--worth it.

  2. one of my favorite sayings is on my fridge door so I can read it every day

    "today I just show up and flow thru the day"

    its great because then whatever happens was the plan! good old no plan plan.

    I have problems with layers some days, I just dont want to let go of the last thing I did, but I do try to push thru, like you I feel its a fine line between creating and destroying.maybe its the gamble, and I am soo bad at gambling, slot machine anxiety makes me feel ill...thrill my ass!


  3. Definitely scary to overpaint....

  4. uuummm.. tough one. Yes, I agree. Scary.
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend...

  5. oh, I think we second guess ourselves too many times to undo anything but I find it's always good to start over. plus a piece is never done even after you have put down the brush.

    thanks for your visit! hope your day is sweet.

  6. I went for a visit to Juliette before I thanked you for the link. This is the way my painting always goes...and if I gave up control sooner I would have more time to paint!
    I thinka painting has to come through you instead of by you.

  7. I think this is one of the most important lesson I learn over the year. Letting go and then just go with the flow. The most beautiful things always happen to us when we are least expected!

    Great post, my friend! :D

  8. My dilemma yesterday too as you know! ;) I decided to start afresh but I'm keeping the old one too. When I use acrylics there isn't a problem because I'll just paint on top again and again! I love Juliette Crane's work too! :) xx

  9. art is like life it's built up layer upon layer - what lies beneath the surface is sometimes known - sometimes a mystery - if we are brave we can reinvent, break the rules and even start over.

  10. I love breaking all rules in art. Surprises abound.

  11. Gorgeous Lisa..and beautiful post..wonderful and reflective! I let the art take me over...I allow it to show me the way. when I first began painting..something powerful sparked inside me with the understanding that this painting does not belong to me at all....I am just the vessel..the painting belongs to has it's own vision, mind, energy and spirit..and I will honor that flow and let it become whatever it wishes to be!
    HUgs and Have a happy week...
    Always a joy to visit your realm!

  12. I admire people who paint in an organised fashion, to a plan. I have never set out to do that, except once. Can't work like that...
    I like the direction your work is taking Lisa - beautiful, wild colours and texture. Lots and lots of paint!
    Glad you had such a fab time in Yorkshire. I am hoping to go to Holland in November!


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