Saturday, 28 May 2011

Water creature from the Aegean

Some holiday art - not that I did much. I don't think I've ever done so little on holiday. One day it was all I could do to move from sunbed by the pool to its sister by the beach. Even an annoying bug tickling my knee was too much trouble to flick off.

Luckily for the indolent creature I had become, my son had found himself a friend in the form of a pretty Danish girl. They spent almost the whole week together, playing in the pool, fishing in the sea, running, laughing, drawing, chasing.... and all done without a common language. Just goes to show the power of unspoken communication.

So, back to the sea creature. She came from a splodge of paint that my sketchbook acquired from an overladen palette. Some inspiration from the surrounding seas, pencil sketching and a few bubbles from Photoshop and she is perfect for Inspiration Avenue's 'purple & green' challenge.


  1. Perfect indeed Geri, both the indolence and the art. Well done.

  2. Yes, she is perfect! I love this very much, Lisa.

  3. Oh wow am so loving this painting. Annette x

  4. Wonderful! You are really growing so much as an artist! Enjoy that vacation!


  5. I love the mood this work creates - mysterious and piercing. Beautiful!

  6. Love the painting! Well you must have really needed a good rest it seems. Isn't it great that children seem to be able to do that? I remember taking my son to Greece when he was about two and half years old and he played everyday with a little German boy around the same age, somehow they just seemed to understand each other using every method of communication except the spoken word!

  7. She's wonderfully dark and mysterious, I can just imagine her emerging from the ocean...

    I'm so jealous of your holiday Lisa, I could so do with a week of sun and rest!! Sounds perfect.

  8. You know what I really love? The eyes! I think they are 2 different that!

  9. Oh wow this is so fab! It has a really powerful sci-fi fantasy feel - so effective and a feast for the imagination. I wonder if you have stories in your head forming for this character. If so, please do share!

    Kat Xx


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