Sunday, 1 May 2011

Cake rap

I stole the idea for this rap from myself (and lots of other people who stole it from Jay Z and Alecia Keys), so I guess that's OK!). Been writing a rap for work and so while I'm in the mood I'll do another. This one's for cake - and why not I say! Just sing to the tune of Empire State of Mind... New York New York. Sometimes I really love my job - all in the aid of engaging employees (and having fun while we're at it). Who said that work had to be serious eh? Not me, that's for sure.

I'm a makin cake
packin fruit n spice
Sugar and some nice
I'm mixing up my mojo
melt in the mouth so
crumbs down my chin
oven tray going in
creaming up the icing
spooning all my jam in
I'm a cake lover
biggin up my Battenberg
dusting my shortbread
I'm a eating cake
Til it's time for my bed
nuff said...

Take me down to the cake shop
I love patisserie, patissierie
Give me cream cake and donut
I'll grow a big gut, big gut, big gut...

A Sunday Scribble.

I titled the sketch 'cake hole'.


  1. 'biggin up my Battenberg'..almost made me choke on my beer (never good!) fantastic..can no longer think of the original lyrics! Jae

  2. LOL Brilliant rapping. Annette x

  3. This is great, the sketch and the rap! Real fun! Valerie

  4. Oh you're just too cute... an too darn talented!

  5. I'll grow a big gut...ha ha.
    You made me laugh with this one.

  6. Cute! I'm wondering what kind of rap you are writing for work?

  7. I was rapping all the way with you. Great stuff.

  8. This made me it :)

  9. Lmao @ you! Great rap and the cakehole is fab! Would make a cool greeting card for lady golfers...
    I always find something extraordinary here - have missed you!! Glad you're still blogging and taking life "seriously"!!! xo

  10. I'm left wanting for a you-tube version of this...don't leave me hangin' are too funny!

  11. 'Cake hole' it! This was definitely a fun take on the prompt. Before retirement I worked in a school setting, and we believed in the Fish Philosophy....make the workplace fun!!!

  12. Comin’ in at lucky 13! Yeah, this is brilliant! Serious, this was some righteous rap! Had me groovin’, doin’ that chicken-neck thang… And your site is awesome. A lot goin’ on here that’s worth coming back to check : )


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