Saturday, 23 June 2012

Am I messed out?

I haven't played in my Messy Journal for weeks. I'm afraid to say that I've somewhat abandoned my poor group of mess-creants to their own devices.

What happened? Did I just get messed out? Was there only so much chaos one girl could take?

My office is a perpetual mess as is my 'studio' aka dining table. As much as it pains me to attempt to work amid piles of paper, stationery, a camera, notebooks, bubble wrap (who knows what that's doing on my desk?), shells, bank statement and magazines - I just can't quite organise myself into any semblence of order.

Attempting to paint is even worse...

Would a bigger house help? A bigger desk, more shelves, cupboards and drawers? Or, would that just offer kindling to the blaze?

Sometimes I hate it. Often it brings the black dog of depression to sit alongside me whining and dribbling to be taken out for a walk and entertained. When it gets that bad though, I have to give in and tidy up at least a little...

My art is never neat either. It usually begins life as a quantity of splats and splotches with little thought for the final output. I just paint on top of what I've got. A bit like the rest of my day as I battle both creative thought and paper towers.

Despite the lack of space in which to work, today has been a profilic one on the art front. Here you see the result of being told to 'destroy a page in the book and put it back together again creatively'. I snipped, sewed and threaded (and performed the habitual paint slap).

I like it. It makes for some interesting angles. I may have to experiment further and start sewing more of my artworks as one can get away with being, dare I say it, 'messy' in one's sewing skills. It's called art darling! Couldn't get away with that when trying to put a button back on!

This final shot was me playing with layers in PhotoShop.

Now I shall shut the door on this chaos and retreat to my bed and no doubt tangled dreamscapes!


  1. Looks good! Own up - would you be happy if everything around you was always clean and tidy? And a bigger place doesn't help either - mess always increases proportional to the maximum amount of available space! Valerie

  2. As I read your post I kept nodding - yes to lack of making messes; yes to clutter on the table, all around.
    Love your piece! Colours and lines of it are so interesting! I need to get back on track as well.

  3. I don't think the mess will stop with a bigger house. Even though I have my own studio now (which I love) it's still messy, and since we only just moved in I am still looking for things. BUT I finally got back to painting, at least a little bit. Creeping our of my own mess - to make a new mess. I wish I could have "messed around" more in your ecourse - just super bad timing.

  4. I am here to make you feel better. I shall post a pic of my messy work area...I guess that's why I haven't done much in the book - I am already a mess!!! I try to regroup and organize it never lasts long!
    cheers, dana

  5. I've never been able to think what to do with this page - I really like what you've done. So pleased things are starting to happen again on the Messy Book, I'm looking forward to messing again. AND I've just posted on my blog about my effort at 5.2, really pleased to have got the energy and oomph to tackle it.

  6. I like working in a mess. Sometimes a random glimpse of something in the chaos sets me off on a whole new journey. Revel in it!


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