Saturday, 30 June 2012

Needles and pins

Some things needle me about Pinterest, and some just tickle...

Here's a list:


1. Why would you repin a personal comment? I mean, if I write something like 'this would never fit in my bed', why would anyone else want to share that as their own? Is it just laziness or do we have the same bed?

2. People that post artworks but don't share who their creators were. I always try my hardest to find out... but I know it's not always possible. But do try really hard people.

3. People who have enough spare time in their day to find all this stuff.

4. People who have been to/live in all these beautiful places.... I'm just a bit jealous - and even more so because they are all such good photographers.

5. Pictures of immaculately tidy children's rooms. Today I even saw some crayons colour-coded and stored in different cups. Not in my house...

Err... that's about it for needles. I'm not really a needly sort of person to be honest - much too glass half full for that.


1. Saw a pin of Number 10 Downing Street with the comment 'I think this is England?'. It's probably the second most famous address in the country! The first, naturally being her Majesty's town palace. I'm guessing the pinner wasn't from these shores. If they were, they should be thrown in the Tower!

2. Finding your own artwork pinned (and credited!). I was tickled pink that day!

Well, I might write more, but to be honest I keep hopping back to my Boards and getting distracted...

Plus, can I let you into a little secret? This whole post was just the staging so I could use the headline Needles and Pins. These don't really bother me... well, not much anyway!


  1. I've not tried Pinterest yet. It usually takes me a while to catch on to things. I'm almost afraid to try it because I don't need another time waster. I do enough of that with the Facebook games! :-)


  2. ha, that was fun!!!

  3. Funny stuff Lisa...ya lets start a "say no" to coding crayons website!!! lol
    Shouldn't that be Pins and

    Thanks for sharing...even if it's tongue in cheek!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. hahaha!!! i repin other people's comments!! plain laziness!! but now that you've mentioned it, got slightly embarrassed, maybe i'll TRY to erase the caption before i repin. but ... so many picture to repin and so little time!!!

    i always credit the artist ... naturally :)

    and yea ... first time i saw my work pinned by others, i was walking on clouds for a couple of hours :)

  5. Ha! People who steal someone elses' creativity for their benefit without giving credit is much more than a needle...kinda more like a knife. I hope that most of the time when it happens, it's just a newbie not knowing any better. We can all hope.:)

  6. Came over from PPF but felt like commenting here instead. People who don't source their pins properly drive me nuts! Tumblr is an especially bad culprit, as far as I can tell - at least Pinterest tries to retain the link to the source.

    Also the overly-done and overly-neat children's rooms. Not in my house either.

    But it is nice for keeping treack of things and I've found some really cool tutorials and ideas that way, so I'm not really complaining :)


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