Saturday, 16 June 2012

My watch stopped working

It was a sign. Time to switch off, remove oneself from the hamster wheel of 'normal' life and allow a different rhythm to pump through your veins. The Holiday. The golden Corfu beaches. A slower pace.

It was also an opportunity to leave behind the grey skies and persistent rain-soaked (drought-ridden!) England and experience the colour blue in all its glory and shades. Frankly, I'd almost forgotten it existed.

Back again now though to washing, grocery shopping, cooking and the unpacking that seems to take an eternity (though it's always nice to find a little pile of sand at the bottom of the suitcase to remind my toes of what it felt like to scrunch in (or, during the heat of the day, run very fast across...)

I like holidays. I love Corfu. I want to go back there.... right now.... and watch the sun set just like this...


  1. Oh this is SO beautiful! I love hearing when you're able to getaway from everything, I know how much you deserved these breaks!

  2. Beautiful pictures, Lisa. Gosh, how I can relate to your feelings - I'd love to take a relaxing holiday as well. But - we're still in moving mode, unpacking, searching for things, painting (the walls)... and a heatwave.
    Welcome back home!

  3. I love your photos - so beautiful. Glad you got away! xxoo

  4. Ah Greece. Sounds like heaven. I can see why you want to go back...Now. Loved all the art pieces you have created over the past had been I while since I stopped by. the girl with dog and the one above that are among my favorites.

  5. oh my ... such beautiful images! i desperately need a holiday but too poor now. have been too poor for the last 3 years! what a wonderful time you must have had ... and all rejuvenated and i'm sure the entrepreneur and creative juices have been topped up to full as well :) way te go!


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