Friday, 29 June 2012

Supermarket cruelty

I'm on a diet and fitness regime. It's going pretty well and I've lost 5kg already. As well as consuming the obligatory rabbit food, I've also cut down on the carbs (particularly the evil white refined ones), turned cakes and biscuits into once a week treats and (almost) weaned myself off chocolate. I do nibble on the occasional square of the dark stuff, high in cocoa solids - particularly nice when combined in the mouth with dried fruit.

It hasn't been easy. The sugar-cravings were the worst and things got to the state where I was dreaming about cupcakes and sniffing any discarded mars bar wrappers I found blowing down the street.

However, the worst is over; the fitness levels are rising and I'm actually enjoying the healthy diet and can walk past pizzas, chips,crisps, biscuits, ice cream and chocolate in the aisles of the supermarket with ease. Imagine my consternation this morning though when I realised that Tesco are onto me. They have clearly been studying my Clubcard buying patterns and noticed an alarming dip in my monthly purchase of sugary substances.

Coupled with an increase in wholegrain cereal dropping into the shopping trolley, they came up with a dastardly plan.

"Let's put a display of chocolate hanging down in front of the healthy cereal section" their dastardly marketing manager doubtless suggested in their revenue-generating meeting. The rest of his team rubbed their hands in excitement. It would surely work. The mean man was about to pick up the phone and call Cadbury to see if they'd offer a discount, when an over-ambitious fiend had an even better idea.

"Make it Lindt" she whispered, holding the rest of the team in awe... "Looking over her purchase patterns, I've a sneaky suspicion this may be her favourite".

And so it was that at least 20 bars of mouth-watering Swiss chocolate hung temptingly in front of the no-sugar, many grain, actually pretty tasty granola.

Would our heroine give into temptation.




  1. good for you!!!

  2. Hee, hee, hee! I glad someone has willpower!

  3. I love it! Yay for you!

    I think that the supermarket watches my buying patterns so that they can stop carrying the things that I love the most and cannot find anywhere else!

  4. sounds like you are doing great!
    feeling good and looking good are great inspiration!

  5. Great for you walking past the sugary goodness. I'm applauding your strength and accomplishments. Keep it up! Happy PPF
    PS::Dark chocolate is good for you you know.

  6. You are hilarious! I loved every word your wrote here in this post...and I've been going through the same 'refinement' process! I feel so much better being off coffee and chocolate...and back to my regular walking and such.....

    thanks for making me laugh....stay strong woman....I know you can do this....

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  7. Hmm, we haven't got Tesco's over here, but lots of other supermarkets with chocolate displays in front of every check out, and some of us are weak....Valerie

  8. cute painting, and congrats on the weight loss!

  9. you obviously got my willpower, but hey main thing is that one of us got it... and a huge congrats on exercising your discipline... rather impressed... xx

  10. I'm doing the not sugar, nothing processed thing too...mostly successfully....the key word being mostly... But Lindt - that's truly evil...

  11. Got such a chuckle from your post! Fantastic that you have lost 5 kg. - success breeds success! Im know that is my weakness - all the desserts and breads. Now that school is done I am hoping to get back on track. You are an inspiration!

  12. Oh my... you poor thing! I'm so proud of you for how well you're doing though, bravo! Can't wait to see the before & after photos (of the weight loss, that is... not a chocolate smeared mouth).

  13. Good for you, showing those evil marketers! And congrats on your weightloss, truly inspirational! Love the cartoon, great expression.

  14. well done!!! and well done on the 5kg ... that's 1 dress size down my fren :) we're kinda on the same boat here ... tho i dare say that i dun have the sweet cravings that you have, but ... i like rice :) so that's the hard part for me since our staple is rice, white rice everywhere!!!!!! (O_O)


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