Thursday, 26 July 2012

A postcard from India

Who knows what's going on in this postcard? Well, I mean the picture is easy to explain. It's a face covered in the multitude of coloured powder that is the brilliantly delightful Holi festival in India.

It's the back that's more mysterious. I mean these two used to correspond weekly, then there was a long hiatus, followed by that 'almost' meeting in the Isle of Man and now this?

Do they know something we don't?

For The Postcard Challenge by Darcy. Back story here!

PS: I'm kind of bored of them not talking to each other. I wish they'd tell me their story again so I didn't have to keep being all enigmatic!


  1. oh this is a super postcard!!! love this Lisa!! The eyes are the window to the soul!!!

  2. wonderful feeling expressed in your colors and lines.

  3. ooow! I'm guessing the "no message" message means that there was "no message" from someone my brain hurts so I will just look into those fabulous eyes instead of thinking :D XXX

  4. wonderful postcard and very energised, love it. x

  5. Intriguing! Love the face.

    Janet xx

  6. Fabulous postcard with the colours and eyes.
    Jen x

  7. ooooo intriguing. I love the image.

  8. Nicely done -love the vivid colors

  9. You will crack the code, lovely card.


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