Friday, 20 July 2012

To the Lake District and back...

... in around three hours.

Photo by walkinguphills on Flickr

Normally it's at least a four hour drive to get there. Then, to take in all the scenery, to walk the fells, skirt the shores and nibble on the gingerbread, why that's a few days at least...

Well, thing was I didn't have time to escape and frankly the weather's not really that encouraging of outdoor activity these days. So I cheated... I watched a TV programme while on the cross-trainer at the gym.

I followed Herdwick sheep across their heaf. I rode the Ravenglass railway and soaked in the scenery like a sponge. I wandered lonely as a Wordsworth and watched Peter Rabbit dodge Mr McGregor through the hedgerows. I had such a good time that I actually set myself an additional program on the cross trainer so I could carry on watching. The sun even shone. It was a perfect Artist's Date.

Above all, I remembered childhood summers clambering the fells and dipping toes in the icy lakes and rivers. After our first trip there when the sun reflected the mountains in the still lakes we felt we had discovered Nirvana. It truly is a place of magic where coming across an ancient stone circle or the remains of a Roman fort is nothing out of the ordinary and romantic teenagers can dream about heroes striding across the fields. I have diaries crammed with memories, but sadly the sun never shone quite so spectacularly again, so there's a fair bit of rain-damage to my notebooks!


  1. Sounds like a productive, healthy Artist Date! I love your words.

  2. Sounds a touch exhausting to me, but then you are all motivated and all that at the moment... glad you got away in some form!!!!

  3. It sounds magical to me! The Lake District was where Beatrix Potter lived, wasn't it? I loved the movie, Miss Potter, portraying her life. I love the way your described your 'artist date'. Just perfect!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  4. Just noticed the "in around 3 hours" at the top. 3 hours at the gym?!!! I'm impressed. I haven't been to the gym in so long I'd probably last 5 minutes.

    But seriously, the Lake District sounds enticing. I'd have to visit via the TV also. But actually, we're very lucky for programs like that. TV now has some great shows, if you get enough channels lol!

  5. *want's to be there* :) XXX

  6. What a lovely location and even if you got away only in your mind, it seems like a lovely place to visit. I miss those days on the lake from my childhood too ~ how wonderful it would be to have that option once again.


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