Wednesday, 25 July 2012

I saw the torch!

Excitement is fever pitch as the long countdown to the London 2012 Olympics reaches its final few days.

Yesterday I saw the torch as it passed by Rackspace HQ in Hayes. We lined the route decked out with flags armed with bells and confetti blasters and cheered our socks off! It almost made me want to run the 100m, execute a nifty pole vault and perform some kind of spectacular dive involving a large number of summersaults... almost...

Truth is THE SUN FINALLY CAME OUT! Yes, just in time for the sporting spectacle, we finally have some summer to go with our Olympics. We'd all been convinced that somehow the earth had slipped on its axis and we getting a double dose of winter chill - especially when the Jamaican Bobsleigh team got off the plane at Heathrow!

This seems as good a time as any to share this photo of me, the Torch, a Gold Medal and a very large man.

The very large man is Ben Hart-Davis - it's his gold medal. He won it in Sydney in the men's 8s rowing. It was a race in which his team were very much the underdogs, but they set out on their training regime two years earlier with one goal in mind and proceeded to direct every ounce of energy to 'making their boat go faster'. Go faster it did.

This photo was taken a few weeks ago. This is one of the torches that had already seen action in the relay, performing its part in history.

As I work towards my business goals, attempting to make my own history something worth recording, I'm now mindful of Ben's words - "Will it make the boat go faster?". What are you doing with your time today?


  1. That is cool... There was a story about when the torch was travelling through the outback for Sydney that when it ran past a pub these old guys came out and started shouting that they needed a light and waving around their ciggies... then complained when they couldn't use it... every time I see the torch I think of that... great pics though... you look great...xx

  2. How fun!! Love the photos. Thanks for sharing!


  3. What an awesome memory!! I saw the torch in 1984 and I never forgot that day.

  4. Oh, I have chills! That is so incredible! I am so happy for you - what an incredible life story - and at a really good time in your life it seems. Bravo, xoxo

  5. How cool is that! I am excited and I wasn't even there! Yep, reach for your gold, and it just might come true!
    cheers, dana

  6. wonderful photograph and words.

  7. Keeping my boat afloat! And enjoying life. Hopefully as energy gets replenished I shall be rowing like hell. How marvellous to be able to hold the torch ..... just a pity you weren't allow to light it just for the photo.


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