Friday, 6 July 2012

Postcards from the Isle of Man

It has been so long since we heard from our mysterious correspondents X and Y (back story here). I wondered what had become of them both. Had they stopped travelling, or just tired of each other and the mystery hanging over them that neither seemed happy to divulge?

Well, I can tell you that things have taken an interesting turn. It seems the wee folk have taken a hand in this friendship. Did you know that the Isle of Man is chock full of the Fae? It's true. I read a book about it!

It looks like they have both visited the magic isle, the same postcard shop and are thinking the same thoughts... But did they actually meet?

The mystery thickens like treacle on a cold day.

For Darcy's postcard challenge. I said I'd be back!


Here's the book I read... Fairies do exist!


  1. Loving your wonderful sketches. Annette x

  2. Of course fairies exist! Who doubts it? Lovely drawings! Valerie

  3. Gorgeous and very beautiful!I Love all things fairy! and love your post with the flower print you had delivered..turned out stunning!

  4. Absolutely do!!! But why are they getting involved with X and Y??? Are they fae and don't know it? Curiouser and curiouser! :D XXX

  5. Of course they do!! Beautiful drawings.

    Janet xx

  6. love the top drawing SO MUCH

  7. a great sketch..of course there are faries...

  8. These fairies look like they have a little "Hobbit" in them -Wonder where this story will go....


  9. Love the fairies, wonder what is going on.

  10. Wonderful drawings and interesting connections between these two and the fairy folk.
    Jen x


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